5 Helpful Cake Baking Tips & Tricks For Beginners

One reason cannot define why we all love cakes. And there is nothing shocking about the statement as well. I mean not only for celebrations, but cakes are also perfect for every mood. One does not need a reason to order cake online, you are a cake lover is a reason enough. It's the most versatile dessert with tons of flavor combinations available. It can be baked into all shapes and sizes and you don't even need to be a master chef to make a cake. Because it's that simple. 

Everything about this dessert is so perfect that it is one of the most popular or I should say most bought desserts in the world. What’s the reason that the tradition is about cutting a birthday cake and not a birthday pudding? Or a birthday pie? It's because of the delectable taste that cakes provide to our taste buds. All the best goes in this dessert and so, it is completely justified if it pushes you to turn into a baker. 

To be honest, baking is neither very tough nor very simple, it's all about the techniques and some hacks that define the level of perfection. With time, you get to know some tips and tricks that come in handy to jump the levels and be a pro baker before you know it. I'm going to share some tips to master that baking session, even if it's your first time with an oven.

Room temperature is important

To start baking, you mostly need eggs. The egg is one of the most important ingredients that set the foundation of baking until you are trying vegan recipes of course. Most bakery products include eggs as their base ingredients, so the base you are working with should be ideal. 

For that, we suggest that the eggs should be at room temperature. Always work with the eggs that are at room temperature if you want the best results. This may or may not be mentioned in your recipes, so it may not have been in your head before, but since now you know it, remember that room temperature is important. If you just took out the eggs from the freezer, dip them into warm water to attain the required temperature before you begin with the process.

Chilly cake before frosting

The very first tip is how to frost a cake perfectly. The secret is to apply a “crumb coat” and freeze it before putting it on the second layer. Never try frosting on a warm cake as the cake will melt the icing and it will get messy with crumbs mixing in with the icing. 

While, if you Always chill the cake, the layers are going to get firm and the cake will be able to hold its shape, meaning a firm base for you to work on. So, for an easier frosting experience, put the cake in the refrigerator for quite some time. This will prevent all those pesky crumbs from getting mixed up in the frosting or the risk of breaking or budget the layers.

For perfect slicing

Wondering how bakeries achieve that perfect slice in soft doughy products? Since you are a beginner, it's okay if you have these types of questions in your head, it's only going to make a perfect one over time. Well, here is a secret to how your perfect baker friends or when your online cake delivery has such smooth slicing. It's time to use floss in the kitchen. 

Yes, floss being so soft and delicate can be a helpful tool for cutting or slicing the ooey-gooey hard-to-slice ingredients. Use a piece of dental floss because it slides through soft dough or any other sticky ingredient much better than a standard kitchen knife. It will give you a better finish in case cutting a dessert is a nightmare for you. So, always buy an extra container of floss for the kitchen. 

Another use of peeler

The next tip on the list is to help you prevent wastage. Of course, you put in a lot of effort in the baking process especially when you are not a professional, so it takes a lot of your time. So, nobody would want that half of their product to get lost in the finishing. 

This one will save you from shaving off the extra cake while removing blackened bits when you do your little experiments. Don't worry, black bits are a usual thing and it's not about how pro of a baker you are, it can happen with everyone and all you need to do is remove them for a more polished-looking cake. For that, use a vegetable peeler. Remove it with a peeler and it will prevent you from wasting much.

Create a smooth texture

If you bake a cake with uneven batter, it's going to give an uneven finished icing, right? Well, the texture of the cake is a must for smooth frosting and so every baker wishes for a smooth cake layer. Well, you don't really need any extra instrument for that nor it's about your baking skill. It's basic science that will help you get rid of the air bubbles and uneven icing. 

For a perfectly smooth texture of the cakes, drop the pan of batter on the counter a few times. The force of the pan hitting the surface will push the air bubble to the surface and repeating it a few times will even the batter. Now you can easily bake plain smooth cake layers. 

Hope these hacks will help you save a lot of time and effort. It's really smart to learn legit time-saving shortcuts before you start the actual task. Baking no doubt can be a blast, sometimes it can be messy (except sometimes). I even have a hack that will save you from all the baking processes. Get cake delivery in Mumbai and enjoy cake without getting your hands dirty. They provide an endless variety of cakes and that too at your doorstep. 

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