Top 10 Content Management Systems You Can Use in 2021

Knowing about content management systems can be a bit tricky because there are so many. The best CMS (content management system) can lead you to making the best decision for reaching a larger audience. Before getting further into it, we need to know what a CMS actually is.

What Is A Content Management System?

In easy words, A CMS platform is a software which makes it happen for you to manage your content as well as to create your website easily. Usually, HTML, CSS Programming and JavaScript are used for writing web pages. In case you don’t want to use any CMS platform for building your website, you have to learn these languages, and also it will require a lot of effort to write complex and long codes.

A CMS platform is helpful for writing a website without long and complex codes and learning programs that affect your other daily tasks and require a lot of time and energy, until and unless you look for a develop-friendly content management system that means you already know about coding.

How To Know About The Best Content Management System?

Out of several content management systems, you have to pick the most helping one. But how can we get the idea about a good CMS for our website? Here are some characteristics of that content management system which you should choose.

Easy To Use:

The first quality that your CMS should have is ease in creating and handling the content. Often it means to have a drag and drop interface so that your pages can have different elements. You should select a CMS that makes it easy for you to edit your content quickly.

Moving The Data:

While looking for a good CMS platform, make sure to choose the one that has tools to export your data or move it anywhere quickly and easily. For example, if you decide to go with a different hosting company or a different platform later, it should be easy for you to move around easily. 

Options Of Designs:

Presentation always matters a lot when you have to showcase your services. You should select that CMS platform which provides you different website design templates, and with which you can easily customize the designs according to your own requirement.

Support Options:

The CMS platform is to be selected for building a website without any difficulty and in a straightforward manner. Still there are some questions that you may have later, so, you should consider the helping and supporting factor of a CMS platform when you get stuck. 

Some content management systems give you a handful of FAQs as well as the customer service team which can be slow in responding, and this is such a trouble making situation for you. So, you must select a CMS platform with a huge supportive community for helping you out at any time. Keeping these characteristics in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best content management systems that you can select. is the number one choice of the users who prefer it over other content management systems due to its easy use and simple features. It’s the most popular CMS software in the world, powering around 35% of all websites that are available on the internet. 

One important factor to know is is a WordPress blog hosting platform where you can get started for free. On the other hand is a self-hosted content management system and open source that was initially designed for the sake of blogging, but now in the entire world, it is to be used by all sorts of websites and online stores. 


Due to its flexibility and ease in management, WooCommerce is the most demanded ecommerce platform. Technically, it is not a content management system itself, but actually it runs as a plugin on WordPress that means you must have WordPress for installing WooCommerce.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Wix is among popular content management systems, but it has some limitations too. That’s the reason people switch from Wix to WordPress. Wix is a beginner friendly software that offers free plans. Drag and drop interface of Wix allows you the create pages according to your choice. It will be easy for you to edit any part of your page.


It is a fully hosted ecommerce platform which is also called as all-in-one platform. Being a beginner, it is easy to get started with it. BigCommerce handles backups and security for you. There is a trial plan so that you can have a trial before going to BigCommerce. You can use it with WordPress that can provide you with the best of both content management system platforms. 


Shopify is among those content management systems that provide an all-in-one hosted platform. There is no need of buying hosting, or managing different elements like backups and updates, etc. Shopify supports the in-store sales that is great for you in case you have both physical and online stores.  


Ghost is that CMS platform which is designed for bloggers specifically. It is to be called a ‘headless CMS’ as content is not forced by the CMS platform in order to deliver in a specific manner. The data produced by you can be visible on a website and also it can be sent to something else like a mobile app.


For the sake of huge software company Adobe, Magento has proved to be a useful ecommerce platform. It gives you the option of downloading and installing on the web hosting account that is your own, and it is called Magento open source.  According to your preference, you can pay for Magento Commerce as it gives you full support being a host, but it is much more expensive too.

Text Pattern:

Out of straightforward and simple content management systems, Text Pattern is one good option that is an open source and has numerous documentation for helping you out.


Blogger is a free service provider by Google, and it has been designed especially for the purpose of blogging. On this platform, blog posts are in domain. You can also use your own domain name.


It is a business tool offering a CMS platform with different other features that include the management of your projects and tasks as well as communication that you must handle. It also proves beneficial for customer relationships.

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