What is an aruba acdx certification?

Aruba receives a cybersecurity certification for network access control

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has announced that its Aruba ClearPass has been awarded Common Criteria certification for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution. The Network Device Collaborative Protection Profile1 and the Extended Package for Authentication modules. Servers2. The company said this is the first such certification and that ClearPass is the first NAC solution of the cybersecurity industry to be certified as an aruba acdx.

This Advanced Criteria certificate, regulated by ISO / IEC standards bodies and awarded by the National Association for Information Assurance (NIAP), has validated Aruba ClearPass through an independent testing laboratory to ensure that it meets standards. government and defense cybersecurity services. ClearPass is designed to empower IT departments with the ability to profile, authenticate and authorize users, systems and devices to access network and IT resources. ClearPass will enable government agencies and private organizations to rely on Common Criteria certification as a guarantee to provide a global, independent and certified cybersecurity baseline.

He was awarded the Common Criteria Certificate for Network Devices Collaborative Protection Profile after completing tests that focused on a set of demanding security requirements that mitigate some well-defined threats. The tests replicate real-life threat scenarios covering all aspects of access control, including encryption, physical security, certificate validation and processing, as well as TLS / SSL processing. NDcPP indicates a security baseline for any device or system connected to the network.

The Aruba Certificate was issued by NIAP, a U.S. government initiative that oversees a national technology enterprise evaluation (COTS) program in technology (IT) to meet international security control standards recognized by general requirements. The tests were performed by Gossamer Security Solutions, one of the world's leading laboratory laboratories.

“Approved requirements typically provide the highest level of security certification available to an organization, which improves Aruba network access control to new standards,” said Jon Green, Aruba’s technical director of security. Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Reviewing mobile, cloud and IoT companies has never been this challenge. The certificate demonstrates Aruba’s commitment to providing customers with the industry’s most reliable solution for multiple infrastructures, cables, and Wi-Fi network infrastructure, even if it’s not an Aruba network.

How do I get a Wi-Fi certificate? 

The Wi-Fi Alliance sets out a detailed test plan for each level of development, from Wi-Fi 1 (802.11b) to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). Like previous Wi-Fi standards, Wi-Fi Standard 6 has some prerequisites. To qualify for Wi-Fi 6 certification, the Access Point has to pass WPA3, Wi-Fi 5, and Wi-Fi 4 certification requirements and support agile multiband that enables the AP or client device to utilize the available spectrum efficiently.

This process is no different than what it takes to get a new drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. no unacceptable side effects.

We talk about what it takes to get a Wi-Fi hotspot 6 certified. Before the official certification process begins, a provider usually participates in the Wi-Fi Alliance Plugin Party. Providers test and evaluate a Wi-Fi offering with various solutions as part of an environment to ensure interoperability between different stations through different chipset providers. Participating in plugfest is one of the best practices to help you get early information about the performance of an offer in relation to the proposed testing plan.

When Wi-Fi certification test plans are completed, there are mandatory and optional test criteria for an AP or device. In the case of Wi-Fi 6, there are more than 100 mandatory test criteria to pass the certification. Like any certification, preparation is the key.

In this case, Aruba works in advance by building a similar test bench at home and runs all test cases in preparation for certification, ensuring that APs can interoperate with other devices. This important, time-consuming step can take up to three months and ensures that AP platforms can support all mandatory functions and function optimally. After examining each Wi-Fi 6 compatible feature and passing the test criteria to your Aruba lab environment, the next step is to work with a trusted Wi-Fi testing team to ensure that the product meets industry standards for interoperability, security, and intelligent network use. resources that guarantee the best connection, which is the final step for Wi-Fi 6 certification. This whole process can take up to five months.

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