CEH vs CISSP : Which is better?

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) - A vindictive hacker do so many things while getting paid, it is allowed by Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification.Certified Ethical Hackers(CEH) are hired by organizations for making them hack their systems and it is done legally to assess the security and destructibility of the system. By feedback they improve IT security measures provided by CEH. CEH tries to break that system before taking permission from the CISSP to do what they need to do better. Ethical hackers discover the risk and loopholes in a security program and they are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the organization’s cybersecurity program. 

Certified Information System Security Professional(CISSP) – The companies consider CISSP Certified professionals to take charge on protecting data from prohibited access. The positions of CISSP certification holders are often security consultants, managers, architects, analysts, and auditors.To set up the framework for security controls and risk management and make decisions are for employees, who are central to an companies IT security. CISSP sets the security system. Need experience of five years in work in at least two of the domains. If you don’t prefer hacking, you need to go for CISSP certification.

Which IT Security Certifications are More Valuable?

To work within the IT industry, you have these two types of certification; these are user friendly, useful and functional regardless of which you want to work. Over the past few years the IT industry has grown rapidly. The demand for skilled and certified IT professionals has increased. You will know about how much valuable and high ranking one of the above certification;

- Shuttling and Proven Experience:

Certifications are favored throughout the industry as being the best way of communicating to employers you have what it takes for the job. The CEH’s focus is more towards proving a candidate has the necessary “knowledge” to perform tasks related to ethical hacking. The minimum requirement to become a CEH is to possess two years of work experience in a single Information Security domain.

In CISSP, Additionally, the candidate must be endorsed by a current CISSP in good standing. This multi-faceted, experience-driven, and member-validated approach is one of the many reasons the CISSP certification is considered the “Gold Standard” of the industry and favored among employers seeking well-rounded professionals with proven abilities.

- Exam format

In the CEH exam, you will have a training period, then you will be facing the CEH exam. This exam consists of 125 multiple choice questions, and students are given four hours to complete this. If you pass, you will then be able to take a job as an ethical hacker. 

This mean? You’ll be responsible for discovering vulnerabilities within the security program by conducting penetrative experiments a few times a year.

Exam Prefix312-50 (ECC Exam), 312-50 (VUE)
Exam TitleCertified Ethical Hacker (ANSI)
Exam TypeMultiple-choice
Application CostUSD 100
Total Questions125
Exam Duration4 Hours
Passing Score60% to 85%







In CISSP exam, you will have a training period in which you will face 100-150 questions with three hours of time duration. The new CAT format introduced physiology games to candidates taking tests as the questions based on difficulty level. Further, five years of cumulative paid work experience in two or more domains will help candidates for a job. One year of the required experience for an additional credential or regional equivalent from the (ISC)² approved list will satisfy.

Different formsCISSP CAT Exam Format
(English chosen participants only)
CISSP Linear Exam Format
(other than English Language chosen participants only)
Exam CostUSD 699USD 699
Exam FormatMultiple Choice, Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)Multiple Choice and Advanced Innovative Questions
Total Questions150 Questions250 Questions
Passing Score700 out of 1000700 out of 1000
Exam Duration180 Minutes6 Hours
LanguagesEnglishFrench, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
Testing CenterPearson VuePearson Vue
Domains1. Security and Risk Management
2. Asset Security
3. Security Engineering
4. Communication and Network Security
5. Identity and Access Management
6. Security Assessment and Testing
7. Security Operations
8. Software Development Security

- Which is the higher ranking?

Need to put head on the two factors to be taken into consideration before you decide which of the two certifications you should pursue. One of which will be your current, knowledgeable, skillful and experienced to apply for and the another would be your pecuniary resources and you need to decide because it would be your future goals.  

In CEH, you will consider it if your career path is in high demand, because of the IT industry the consideration of future projects growth.

The market seems to consider on moot points as for a career path that requires these two CEH or CISSP certifications which will be in demand for at least the next decade.

Both the certificates have different prerequisites to pursue.

Those who are interested in CEH training need to meet the prerequisites, but CEH courses have no such prerequisites.

There is a lot to consider in these two certificates, but if you can afford to take both certifications then go for it. Many career paths in the IT industry require both certifications at minimum, don’t worry about the wrong choice, you will succeed either way.

In CISSP, who have keen interest to pursue CISSP training you need to meet the prerequisite of either holding a 4-year college degree or having experience in 2 or more of the 8 of the domains. 

As it is the most expensive one, the cost is USD 699 while the price may be daunting, however there will be subsidies.

- Higher Salary:

Many cybersecurity professionals are not in industry for paychecks, they want to well paid for great work.

- The average starting salary for CEH candidates can expect $90K annually. CEH creates significant value to any firm/organization.

- CISSP candidates have an average annual salary over $130K. CISSP exceeds compensation for great work.

Both CEHs and CISSPs have earned the reputation of being among the highest paid security professionals in the industry.

- Career Opportunity and Advancement:

Information Security professionals are in high demand. There is a need for CEH and CISSP professionals to enhance security operations in a top employment site. 

CISSP certification enables far more career opportunities in Information Security than the CEH.

Considering the “two years’ experience in one of the domains, requires you for the CEH, job roles which are more technical. e.g. Senior Penetration Tester, Security Consultant and Analyst, Auditor, Network operators. 

Considering the CISSP’s strict eligibility requirements for the well-rounded candidates, this list traverses security operations (Security Systems Engineer and Systems Architects) to those leading the effort (Security Directors, IT Managers, Chief Information Security Officer, etc.). Without a speck of doubt, the CISSP certification is beneficial for those looking to enter the Information Security industry.

CEH vs CISSP: Which is Right for you?

It’s up to you to decide, as the earning potential may be slightly handsome with a CISSP, but CEH also allows for what most IT professionals would consider more exciting work coupled with fewer demands and CEH is one of the best certifications. If you need help you can undergo a free career evaluation that will help you go in the right direction.

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