7 Easy Rules of Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

The digital marketing world that comprises of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing has been quite progressive, more so in the last two years, than in the last decade. Here’s our quick take on the latest trends that can work for you in the year 2021.

Voice Search

Voice search is undoubtedly rising in popularity. By 2021, 50% of all queries are going to be voice-based. Brands are brooding about the way to deliver using voice-enabled devices because they are affordable and offer greater capabilities than ever before while more visitors are using voice search to interact with the brands.

Videos and interactive content

While videos are around for many years, they have only recently started exploding on digital platforms and social media. In 2021, if your brand doesn’t have a strong amount of engaging, high-quality videos, you could be missing out on a wide audience.

Use SEO to boost leads

When it comes to the best marketing strategies of all time, search engine optimization (SEO) comes in the first position. Today, 95% of online experiences start with search engines, like Google and Bing. That means, your website needs to show up at the top of relevant search results if you want to connect with quality leads.

Paid Advertising

When you go down the route of paid marketing in India, whether on Google or whether on social media sites, you have got to allocate a budget and remember that so as to have your product visible, the prices will continue month on month. This has to be factored in when calculating your ROI.

Email Marketing

Emails are still around and giving a good return on investment (ROI) to marketers. Though email marketing is highly effective, not all companies are able to capture the true power of email marketing. But you can try your best to excel at email marketing and reaching out wide audience.

Social Media Stories

With the increasing popularity of social media “stories”, it's important for marketers to think about this format in their digital marketing strategy. It is one of the most profitable social things to promote engagement and brand awareness.

Create Useful Content 

Content marketing, the practice of creating and sharing content that does not explicitly promote a brand, is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. By creating in-depth, well-researched guides, and long-form posts will help you engage with your users and therefore increase visibility and leads.

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