How Are Distances in Space Measured

Calculating the distance between the planets is a technical phenomenon and astronomers are working on it to calculate the very large and small numbers accurately. Determining the distances of the planets was not an easy task in the past. Astronomers of ancient times have so many complexities regarding measuring the distance. Sometimes the measured values are inaccurate due to the uncertainty of the measuring instruments. Uncertainty of measuring values can be reduced by using the scientific notation calculator. It helps to turn any decimal number into standard notations. 

It's a fact that light travels 30000 times faster as compared to any fast rocket. That is why humans are unable to reach some planets even if they spend their whole life doing so. The distances between the planets are expressed in very large and small values and these values are difficult to remember. So, you can give an account to scientific notation converters that perform a range of operations from converting the large & small values, to perform the arithmetic operations.

The Solar System:

In space, most of the planets are incredibly far away from one another and most of the objects are far apart by human standards. The moon is at an average distance of 384,400 kilometers, and the average distance of Pluto is 5.8 kilometers from the Sun. In the past, there was no accurate way to calculate the distances between the planets.

With the passage of time, things have changed and ways of calculating the distances have also changed. To measure the distance between the planets different equipment are used. The distances between the planets are very large and these numbers are difficult to remember as well. You can simply use an online scientific notation converter that helps to convert any decimal number into its standard form.

Astronomical Units:

Astronomer’s make it easier to measure the long distances between the planets, they introduced different measuring tools such as astronomical units (AU). Basically, AU is a unit of length and it is said to be the distance from the Earth to the Sun which is approximately equal to about 150 million km. Instead of expressing the distance of Pluto, you can simply write the distance value as 39.54 AU.

These long digit figures are very complex and hard to remember, that is why astronomers use different measuring tools like AU to write these numbers in inappropriate ways. Instead of performing manual calculations, you can give an account to a scientific notation calculator that helps to convert the too small and too large decimal number into scientific notation, so you can easily use the convertible values in your calculations.

Why measuring units are helpful:

Calculating units like astronomical units helps to estimate the vast distances of the planets by comparing them to the calculated standards. For example, pluto is 39 AU away from the Sun. The symbol of astronomical units is AU. Instead of using the measuring instruments, you can give a try to a standard notation calculator that allows you to turn any decimal number in scientific notation, E-Notation, engineering notation, and in decimal notation as well.

The Milky-Way:

Including the Sun and other planets around it is a part of a galaxy, which is known as the Milky Way Galaxy.  A galaxy is a group so planets, gases, and dust are bound by the power of gravity. These planets are of different shapes and sizes. It's not so easy to count the number of stars in the milky-way from the Earth but according to the experts, the milky way is made up of more than 100 billion stars. 

The solar system is approximately 25000 light-years away from the center of the galaxy. The calculated values in light years are very large and these values are difficult to remember and understand. To convert the complex numbers of light years you can use the scientific notation converter. This converter supports the conversion from scientific notation to decimal notation, and vice versa. 

Why Are Distances Important:

Measuring the distance of the galaxies is a very important part to understanding how the universe works. It is important to know the distance of the galaxy to figure out how big the galaxy is, and how big the black hole is. The measured values of distance between the planets are very small or very large values & these values are difficult to understand. 

Scientists use scientific terms at the time of experimentation. The conversion of values from scientific notation to decimal notation might be critical sometimes but with the assistance of an online scientific notation calculator, you can easily perform these operations.


It’s an uphill task to calculate the distances between the planets in space. In this article, we studied how to calculate the distances between the planets and also the importance of the distance between the stars. The planets in space are far away from each other and the distance between them is usually measured in astronomical units, parsec, and light-years.

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