7 Amazing Tips to Visit Liberia With a Girlfriend?

Have you been to Liberia? Let us share some fascinating spots residing in the city, which freed slaves founded. While having the smoothest of journeys, you will come across many pleasant sightseers. This country has been built on the darker histories of the 18th and 19th centuries and is known for a signified newfound liberation for the reverted victims of the Slave Trade.

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Monrovia is a frenetic and sophisticated place to hop into, which offers a home to more than one million Liberians. Visit this site which is a source of energy in this largest city in the country. You will find many rumbling bush taxis around the center floating over the pot-holed roads. Check out all the stunning spots here and Broad Street, which is tucked between the meanders of the Mesurado River and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Sapo National Park 

Sapo National Park is the most famous of Liberia's duo of national parks attracting a massive influx of visitors. This park is known for housing one of the highest mammal biodiversity counts anywhere in the world. This park is stretched in 1,804 square kilometers of the territory of the Upper Guinean Rainforest. So folk, get ready to relish some of the best memories here with delve into the old-growth woods and watching out some of the local's habitats, including leopards, pygmy hippopotami and speckle-throated otters, white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, and chimpanzees.

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Robertsport is the king of all Liberia's surfing spots tucked in the forefront of the country's new tourism drive. This beach area offers long-haired wave riders with board wax where flock joins to enjoy surfing troupes. Drop into this stunning place to enjoy water sports activity while hitting the rolling Atlantic swells knocking the Fisherman's Point, Cassava, and Cotton Trees. Watch out for the surfers relishing the waves which are schooled in surf schools popping up near it. You will find many visitors drop here to enjoy hiking the coastal stretches and explore the attractive reaches of Cape Mount Bay. Check out the splendid trademark of timber and stone churches that shower the shore.


Buchanan is a famous beach tucked at the south out of the capital at Monrovia, a three-hour drive by rumbling bush taxi along with the seaside city of Buchanan. This beach offers a good overview of the part of West Africa to the coastal character. First, visit this beach submerged in swaying palm trees and offering a huge playing area for groups of local children in the shallows. Then, drop into this stunning stretch of beach bars for enjoying nightlife and is found nestled between the collapsing bamboo shacks near the shore. 


Gbarnga is another famous attraction sprawling ramshackle towns, budding forests of inland Liberia, and the sweeping mud plains. This site is the regional capital of Bong County, having past hidden history and heritage that is still preserved. This place was once under the infamous political and rebel leader Charles Taylor who during the 1980s and 90s synchronized actions of various civil wars across the area. Visit this place which also shelters more than 100-year-old Cuttington University and is one of the most prestigious in the country.

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Harbel is an industrial outpost spanning the wonders of the Farmington River near the Atlantic coast. The harbel lies close to the point where Marshall and beaches housing the monkey of the resort towns south out of Monrovia meet. This area is home to the largest rubber plantation in the world and is submerged by swathes of rubber tree forests. Visit this spot and watch many of them bearing the familiar corporate name of Bridgestone tires. Also called as the site of the Roberts International Airport offering the main access point to the north-west of the nation.

Gola National Forest

The Gola National Forest is one of the densest remaining tracts of Upper Guinean woodland in the region. This forest has got a new name for the Lofa-Mano National Park and offers a countless dash of primordial rainforest that stretches out with Sierra Leone along the country's northern border. Check out the area housing everything of a real West African wilderness. Visit this forest and watch out for the verdant canopies that have endless bounces of colossal tree trunks and boughs. Explore the various hidden fern fields in the forest, and the exotic dragonflies flit between the flowers, rare pygmy hippopotamus, and the swinging chimpanzees.

Bushrod Island

The island of Bushrod is one of the prettiest places for spending time and offering a glimpse at working, modern Liberia nonetheless. This island has its name derived from one of the few American politicians who back in the 1800s encouraged the resettlement of slaves on the continent. Watch out for the panoramic views it houses and explore the nearby restaurants and small shops for food eateries. Island in the town has been an interesting point due to its hidden past and for the lovely ambiance it showers.


Marshall is another beach attraction packed with a smattering of empty beaches and housing stunning luxuriant pockets of the palm forest and several mangrove swamps. Hop into this beach to spend a perfect holiday with your family and enjoy camping on the Liberian coast. This beach is famous for the small archipelago suitably named Monkey Island. Watch out for the troupe of feisty chimps dwelling in the jungles. This beach offers various picturesque views that must be captured, so guys don't miss this beach while visiting this city.

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