Empower Your Business in USA with eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is a digital marketplace that helps businesses connect with buyers and suppliers from around the globe. If you are in the USA and running your own business, using eWorldTrade is a great way to grow your business. The platform can help you trade with confidence and find the best products online. 

The digital platform makes it easy for businesses to find trending products, connect with buyers and grow their businesses. If you are in the competitive US market, you need to use a marketplace like eWorldTrade to grow. 

But you also need other things to empower your business. Here’s how to grow your business in the USA.

Google My Business is a powerful tool designed for local businesses, but that you should also use and take advantage of its potential even if you do not have a physical business.

It allows you to customize your company file, it is a very practical and easy to manage platform, it offers top quality options to show your products or services, it allows you to know the positioning of your company and improve its presence on the internet, and best of all, that it is totally free.

Use automation

Automating processes is going to save you a great deal of time, and time is money.
HubSpot is a tool that will allow you to automate everything, with marketing, sales and customer management tools, from your email marketing, funnels, etc. It is a powerful CRM, in short one of the most powerful automation tools that exist, and yes, it has a free version with which to start, and as you need and grow, progress in more advanced options, redundancy, payment.

Use Parkinson's Law

Cyril Parkinson, a 20th century British historian, made three statements drawn from everyday experience. Of these, two (the first and the third) make direct reference to time management.

1st "The work expands to fill the time available to finish it", that is, the more time you have to carry out a task, the longer it takes to carry it out. Therefore, set yourself demanding times to perform this task, control these times and optimize them.

2nd The second says that "expenses increase to cover income", or what is the same, if you have a budget, it will tend to be spent in its entirety. Come on, what a euro we have in our pocket, what a euro we spend, and controlling this is critical, because it will directly influence the viability of your business, check that your business has good financial health, and do not spend everything you earn.

3rd The Law of Triviality states that "the time devoted to any topic on the agenda is inversely proportional to its importance." That is, more time is spent on what is less important, have you thought about it? He's absolutely right, right?

Use Pareto's Law

Pareto's Law says that with 20% of the effort, 80% of the results are obtained, as a percentage of the remaining effort, it is an empty effort.

This rule means that working very hard and putting in long hours is not everything, but you have to work and prioritize your efforts in a smarter and more productive way.

This principle was made known by Damaso Pareto, a 19th century Italian economist, who found that 80% of the wealth of his city belonged to 20% of the population.

Task manager

A task manager is a tool used to organize, order and keep track of tasks, projects and activities within a business or project.

There are many task managers, among the best known and used you can use KanbanFlow, Trello or Google Task, any of them will help you organize your work more efficiently.

Apply the AIDA model

Make a note of this name, AIDA, and keep it always present in your communication and recruitment funnels.

The AIDA model means: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These are the stages that a customer goes through in the purchase decision funnel, and which describes the effects that good communication produces in marketing, advertising or sales strategies.

Write down these 3 premises:

These premises that I am going to leave you next, you will notice how important it is to carry them out as you apply them.

Add value with your business based on helping your customers, the sale will be a consequence.
Simplify. Do you remember the Pareto Law that we have seen a few paragraphs above? Well, the same in everything.

Keep costs low in line with your goal. Try to reduce costs as much as possible, always in line with the achievement of the goal you have set for yourself.

To finish, i am going to leave you a roadmap so that you can start laying the foundations so that your online business has a good foundation on which to build.


This roadmap that i share with you is made up of a series of actions, tips and questions that you must carry out and answer, it does not have to be all at once, but you must do it little by little. This roadmap will grow your online business, and oddly enough, have more free time.

Differential values

What need are you going to cover and who is already doing it?

Are you clear about how your differential value will act as an entry barrier for possible competitors?

Micro-niche of target public

  • Is it a market with a realistic entry gap?

Customer acquisition cost

  • How much does it cost you to acquire a new client?
  • Do you have or can you get the necessary resources to carry out the project?
  • Who can help you create the business?
  • Are you clear about how you are going to earn money?
  • What is your business model?

Minimum viable product

  • What do you need to create it?
  • What do you need to generate the first sales?
  • What do you need to start the marketing that generates those sales?

Get testimonials

  • Do I have a process to get customer opinions?
  • Do I have it automated?
  • Focus your web on conversion
  • Do I have a website ready to sell 24/7?

Create and power marketing and sales automation processes

If you haven't created them, start now!

An online business is a great opportunity to be able to work freely and generate great income, as long as you follow the strategies, tools and roadmap set.

It is possible to work less doing what you like, and also that your business generates profits.

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