Our First Line Of Health Protection Is Our Immune System.

Our system is our body's first line of defense against foreign invaders. it's our body's natural defense and, without it, we wouldn't stand an opportunity against microorganisms like fungus, viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Should one sneak by, our system features a back-up plan that kicks in and sends out an array of      chemicals and proteins along side a number of white blood cells, all seeking to seek out and attack the  foreign antigen before it's time to breed .

A strong system helps keep all health problems cornered from dangerous diseases to common colds. When performing at peak performance, it recognizes and responds to many antigens producing what's needed to eradicate them.

Dr. Bruce Polsky MD, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in N.Y. 

However, once we continually engage in unhealthy habits/lifestyles we weaken our system . These dangerous actions open the door to foreign invaders and therefore the outcome is, we get sick.

Simple healthy tactics like washing our hands often and avoiding close contact with those affected with illness are obvious solutions we will employ that help keep us from getting sick.

Taking a pro-active stance to spice up our system is that the other.

Here's a couple of tips that help keep the system humming in tip-top shape:

Nutrient dense diet -

Vegetables, fruits and other plants contain natural substances referred to as phytochemicals (natural compounds found in plants) that give them their color and flavor. These phytochemicals act as powerful antioxidants neutralizing free radicals before they will create damage. They also function soldiers, supporting the system and therefore the death of damaged cells, protecting the body from damage and creating new healthy cells.

All illnesses, diseases and infections are harder to keep off if the body is lacking nutrients/malnourished. it is best to settle on and luxuriate in foods from all food groups including some protein with every meal and snack.

Proper Exercise -

The system is extremely aware of exercise. After diet, it's one among the pillars that contribute to overall great health and powerful immunity. It activates the sympathetic systema nervosum and increases pulse , vital sign and breathing, making us feel better and more energetic.

It kicks our circulation in, reduces anxiety and stress, slows the aging process, helping us to measure longer and better.

Recent studies performed at the University of California-San Diego; School of drugs revealed that 20 minutes of exercise provides our body with anti-inflammatory effects that, in turn, boost immunity.

Reduce and avoid stress -

Our state of mind does affect our health. Long-term, chronic stress increases the prospect of illness because it depresses the system . 

Deep breathing, meditation and exercise all help to scale back the consequences of chronic stress.

Adopt a Healthy Attitude -

Although we cannot control all events in our lives, we will control our feeling/attitude/response towards them. A positive, good attitude (seeing the glass half-full instead of half-empty), expressing gratitude a day altogether situations works to strengthen our system and increases all chances for a positive outcome.

Laughter heals -

Laughter is powerful, quite we realize. It boosts our immunity because it's empowered to decrease our stress hormones, increase infection fighting antibodies and trigger the discharge of "happy" endorphins.

As a health bonus, it also works our abs, lowers our vital sign , improves cardiac health and boosts our T-cells. It truly is "the best medicine."

According to Dr. Lee Berk, PH, Pro Loma Linda School of drugs , "The best clinicians understand that there's an intrinsic physiological intervention caused by positive emotions like mirthful laughter, optimism and hope." Laugh often, it's free for everybody .

Quality Sleep -

Sleep may be a major component towards being healthy. it is the downtime the body uses to rebuild and restore. Lack of it leads to a weak system for a spread of reasons. One major issue is that less cytokines are produced. Cytokines are proteins released during sleep that focus on infection and inflammation creating an immune reaction .

Ongoing studies prove that those affected by chronic sleep loss are more likely to urge sick after exposure to viruses.

Two naps daily, one within the morning and one within the afternoon (no longer than half-hour duration) decreases stress and offsets any negative effects created by sleep deprivation on the system .

Step into the Sun -

The sun/natural sunlight is that the body's major provider of vitamin D . vitamin D helps the body produce antibodies which successively , boost the healthy functioning of our system .

For example, low levels of vitamin D are a major cause of respiratory problems. an easy fresh air enter the daylight of roughly 20-30 minutes helps ensure enough vitamin D is produced by the body.

Fresh air and sunshine help heal us.

A strong system doesn't make us invincible but throws the chances in our favor. Therefore, our first line of defense against life's many health challenges may be a healthy lifestyle.

Our system gets a real boost once we adopt an "attitude of gratitude," don our fitness gear, enjoy and share many good belly laughs and specialise in healthy foods!

It's a true warrior when it involves decreasing our chances of falling ill and provides the additional strength needed to fight any invader that finds its way through. it is a good thing. This article was created by Muhammad Bilal of Wire Media!

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