9 Tools for Building Your Own Mobile App

Are you willing to make a mobile application of your own? Do you have an application’s idea? 

Well, that is one of the best ways to earn. But before diving into an app development tool, make yourself familiar with the app development options. 

Imagine living in a non-technological world? How troublesome would things be? Imagine finding a map for figuring out the directions? Imagine writing a letter to stay in contact and communicate with your pals and relatives? No remote working processes, no video chatting, and no sharing of random photos. That does not sound exciting, right? The fact is mobile technological development processes have been significantly impacting the lives of people. 

By having a better sense of app development options, you will be able to consider the best tools for creating your application. But what if you are not an app developer and do not know how to play the coding game? Well, many app development applications are designed for ordinary humans too. Yes, that’s true. 

The easy-to-use tools for building an application 

1. Xamarin 

You might know someone in the development community? So, if you ask them about Xamarin, they would confidently tell you that it is one of the phenomenal tools you can use for carrying out effective app development processes. You cannot just ignore the tool when it comes to key mobile development approaches. It allows you to build applications for different types of platforms. Also, it ensures to test all the applications through its associated Xamarin cloud service. 

  • With the help of this highly versatile tool, it becomes easier to fix the applications while carrying out effective development processes. 
  • It utilizes the capabilities of various platforms by leveraging the native applications. 
  • It allows for various integration of backend like SAP and parses. 


Just imagine being an ordinary human and creating well-designed applications with a few coding lines. Just produce a mockup and commence building an application. And if you end up making any changes, there is no need to worry about the refreshing techniques. This is why Appcelerator is beneficial for many. 

  • It is one of the highly effective development tools that play a crucial role in utilizing JavaScript. 
  • It has the additional feature of having a multilingual interface 
  • Users have direct access to native APIs. 
  • Support from experienced developers and teams. 
  • It allows the usage of coding across many well-known platforms. 

3. Long grange 

It is one of the well-known native application development tools that have various components from views, commands, and navigation. 

  • It is exceedingly easy to develop an application
  • It tends to have automatic update settings 
  • It supports a multitude of mobile applications 
  • Exceedingly reliable and fast for the development of native applications.

4. Sencha

Are you looking for a tool that plays a crucial role in allowing you to design, develop, and rapidly test your solutions? Well, Sencha is an ideally suitable and optimum solution for you then. This extensive toolkit and associated features make it easy for people to develop web applications across different platforms and devices. 

  • It delivers optimum solutions with effective frameworks (Java and JavaScript). 
  • This tool makes the testing processes easy and fast. 
  • With automatic code generation availability, this tool ends up saving an extortionate amount of time. 
  • It is highly compatible along with an association with different devices. 

5. Appmakr 

It is a web-based app development tool that is particularly designed for creating your applications quickly and easily. By looking at the social networking feeds and knowing the mindsets of young people, users can come up with innovative and modernized approaches. This tool consists of several features including push notifications, Custom CSS, and other associated JavaScript capabilities. However, no cost is involved in using this tool, and users get access to a plethora of advanced features. Appmakr works splendidly on Windows, Android, and IOS operating systems. 

6. Mippin 

It is one of the best app development tools that is well-known for an attribute of having easy usability. It plays an intrinsic role in creating applications for IOS, Android, and Windows. Also, this tool provides the utmost flexibility and feasibility in designing the application. Mippin is a platform that can also distribute your application to iTunes, Windows, and Amazon stores. 

7. MobBase 

If you are a singer or associated with any band, then Mob Base is the ultimate solution for you. This is a highly versatile application builder that allows its users to stay updated and well-aware of the latest news and trends. Additionally, it allows users to upload the tracks so that more and more people can listen to them while browsing. It becomes convenient for fans to find relevant information about the shows, tickets, and associated directions. There are additional fees for this application if users need any support services that are not included as a part of an application. 

8. MobiCart 

Do you have any online stores that you’d like to give a new direction to? Then MobiCart is one of the best app development tools that you are looking for. It directly connects users with PayPal so that both businesses and consumers can send and receive the payments conveniently, securely, and cost-effectively. 

9. ShoutEm

It is an ideally suitable app development tool for bloggers, students, and local publishers. There is no need to have a coding language for setting your application. ShoutEm plays an imperative role in taking care of iTunes and other submission processes. It offers basic, advanced, and enterprise-level packages to ordinary people throughout the globe. 

Building an application for yourself differentiates you and sets you apart from others. It is one of the most effective ways to open new channels of success and maintain your relationship with customers. 

Why do people want to build their mobile applications? 

  • Mobile applications are used as one of the most viable marketing tools that help businesses reach their potential customers instantly. These applications play an intrinsic role in providing relevant information, book forms, newsfeed, and whatnot. The usage of push notifications makes customers well-aware of all the promotional offers. 
  • Mobile applications help businesses increase the sales of their goods and services. It makes brands and businesses profitable. These days, many people play orders online with the help of highly versatile applications. Most of the applications are well integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snap chat, and whatnot. 
  • With the help of highly versatile mobile applications, customers end up getting excellent customer service. The mobile applications are available anytime, anywhere, so less cost and time are needed. 
  • Mobile applications play an indispensable role in creating brand awareness and recognition. These features keep the customers engaged and inclined to use your application. 
  • These applications play a crucial role in increasing the accessibility of customers. With the help of well-functional applications, business owners can send many discount notifications and promotional offers to their customers. 
  • Businesses can effectively make use of these mobile applications for customer preferences and behavioral patterns. This ends up improving the overall customer experience.

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