Essentials About LGV Cat C Training

We all are aware of commercial driving and its growing significance nowadays. The growing driving significance is due to an increase in the requirement of goods and services and their need for transportation from one place to another. Now commercial driving is not an easy process, it is a well-defined process that includes proper training and proper examination set up for the licensing process. 

Different Commercial vehicles have different processes set up for training and licensing. The major HGV have different types of vehicles included for the different licensing processes. Class1 HGV is an articulated lorry or arctic which comes under C+E license, whereas class 2 HGV is referred to as rigid vehicles which allows you to drive vehicles that come under class C license also known as LGV Cat C license which needs proper LGV Cat C training. The process of getting a license for HGV is simplified by various steps which make things more sorted. 

Read more to know about various aspects of LGV Cat C training and licensing which are important to work through when you go for final tests.

The Training Process:

As discussed above, simplified and strategic LGV Cat C Training is a must to attain perfection in driving the heavy rigid vehicles and for attaining the LGV Cat C license. The process includes Theory training and Practical demonstration Training. Read more to know the detailed processes of the LGV Cat C training.

Theory Training: Theory training modules are made according to the final examination, which includes general knowledge about many driving aspects. Rules that are defined and authorized by the government officials must be known before you get a practical demonstration of driving. So that there is ensured safety. Theory training also includes two categories as in the final examination which is based upon general theory test and hazard perception. You are trained based on the final examination so that you clear your theory examination in one go.

Practical demonstration Training: After Theory training, it is important to have a practical overlook regarding the same. It will help you in understanding the vehicle, its motion, it's working, and finally, its driving. Practical demonstration training is not just about how to drive the vehicle, it is much more than that which includes various important aspects related to that particular vehicle falling in the category of vehicles that are used in LGV Cat C training.

The next process when you are done with training modules is based upon the final examination which also has a pre-defined process for examination. Read more to know the details about the Licensing process.

The Licensing Process:

The training process gives you a proper and clean description of the licensing process. The licensing process is a three-tier process that is based upon Medical tests, Theory Tests, and Practical Demonstration tests. These three modules are interlinked as they are lined up in an order of medical test then theory test and then practical demonstration test. The first module is cleared then only the person is eligible to apply for the other two modules accordingly.

The three modules that are important in the licensing part of the LGV Cat C vehicle is based on three major categories as discussed includes fitness for driving, Theory knowledge about general driving, and practical demonstration.

Medical Test

The first part of the process is the Medical test which includes checking up on your basic health conditions if you are eligible to opt for driving or not. This medical checkup just includes basic health conditions so that you drive your vehicle safely. 

Theory Test

The second part of the process is the Theory test that is also divided into two parts based upon general driving and the hazard perception-based theory test which is based on 100 questions per module that are 100 questions in General driving and 100 questions in the hazard perception module. 

In the general driving-based theory test you need to answer 87 questions correctly and in the hazard-perception base theory test, you need to answer 67 questions correctly to clear the theory test. Also, it is clear that you need to first clear part 1 of the theory test that is of general Driving and then you finally need to clear the hazard perception test that is part 2 for overall clearance of the theory test.

Practical Demonstration Test

The last part of the examination modules is based upon a practical demonstration test. You are eligible for this module only if you have cleared the medical test and the theory test. The practical demonstration test is not only the final driving test that is just based on how you drive the vehicle. You need to have proper knowledge of the vehicle, it's working, its operation, etc. This shows that a person should know driving accurately and need to have proper knowledge about the vehicle to clear the practical demonstration test. 

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