Explanation about HGV Driver Training


Driving turns out to be the greatest profession out of other professional choices. Because driving gives good exposure to new things happening around the world. Driving helps you in knowing different places, exploring them, getting into new experiences not only related to driving but also related to other aspects of driving like managing vehicles, managing the machine parts, managing other situations that arise during driving that may be related to weather conditions may be less availability of light due to dark weather, heavy rainfall, excess windy weather. Sometimes it may be due to excess availability of light at night time, heavy traffic conditions, off-roading conditions, etc. Sometimes there are conditions due to roads like sloped roads, etc.

Driving has a lot of variety due to variance in places and vehicles. Driving is very famous for HGV due to the exposure these vehicles give, due to the experiences these vehicles give. HGV driving is a vast experience in some or another way.

Read more if you are interested in HGV vehicles and to know the details particularly about HGV Driving, HGV driving training, HGV Driving license.

What is HGV Driving?

HGV refers to Heavy Goods vehicles. These vehicles are based upon C+E Licence and this is issued in regard that a person can operate vehicles with a weight of more than 3.5 tonnes in one go. The major responsibility of an HGV driver is to carry goods from one place to another i.e. from the supplying agency to the final consumer or the client. HGV drivers are sometimes also called C+E Drivers due to their license category that is C+E as discussed above.

HGV Driving provides a lot of exposure to new things, on the other side the HGV Drivers usually spend their maximum time on roads, and only very frequent visits to their homes. This profession is tough in all the aspects as it needs proper HGV Driver Training, as well as proper process, is followed in-licensing and also the process is tough when you become a legal HGV Driver because it is a new experience profession every single day, every route has its own experience and these are usually long routes person only visit frequently to their homes. 

Let's discuss a more detailed version of the HGV Driver training and HGV driver licensing. 

What all is included in HGV Driver Training?

HGV Driver training is the major process if you want to pursue your career in driving HGV. Training is a simplified process as it is already defined according to the final examination that is designed before you get your license. 

Training is majorly divided into two major modules that are much needed to clear the driving test that is scheduled officially if you want to pursue legal driving. HGV Driver training not only helps in gaining knowledge and proper skill set for driving it also helps in understanding the process of test and further license part.

Read more to know the major modules of HGV Driver Training.

  1. Theory Training: Theory Training includes basic prerequisites that are required in driving. IT is given to give you the basic understanding of driving, its rules and regulations, and many more basic parts which are much needed.                                                                                 
  2. Practical Training: Practical Training is given to make your driving skills strong so that you clear your examinations in one go. It is basically kept to make you understand that the rules and regulations understood in theory training are also important to implement in practical driving. This training helps you in learning the driving part in different conditions that may be due to natural conditions or some sudden circumstances.

How to Get an HGV license?

When you are done with your training part you are supposed to go for an HGV Driving test to gain your license and do legal driving. The HGV driver test is a processed way that is defined in three categories that are based on your training.

  1. Medical Test: Medical Test is kept to make you understand the importance of fitness while driving. It is the first part because it is important to check if you are fit for driving or not. It is a small checkup with the assigned doctor. If you clear the process then only you can go for the HGV theory test.
  2. Theory Test: It is kept to check your basic understanding of driving.This module is given with 100 multiple choice questions out of which 854 need to be correct to clear for the next round that is designed to be the last part of the HGV Driving test that is the practical test.
  3. Practical Test: Practical tests are to check your driving skills and experience as to how comfortable you are with the vehicle for which you are applying for the license.

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