How to apply for a driving licence online in Haryana?

In general, a valid driver's licence is necessary in Haryana in order to operate the vehicle safely and lawfully. You must obey the norms and regulations set out by Haryana's state automobile department. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, you must have a valid driving licence to drive in India. When you're ready to acquire your Haryana driving licence, you'll need to know how to feel the driving licence application form and what are the few essential steps to follow carefully.

You'll be pleased to learn that Haryana's driving license department offers a variety of vehicle licenses. In Haryana, you may acquire a motorbike without gear, a motorcycle with gear, a light motor vehicle, a transport vehicle, an invalid carriage, a road roller, and a motor vehicle with a specific license.

Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence in Haryana

Anyone interested in obtaining a legal driver's licence in Haryana must first gather information on the qualifying requirements, which must be carefully adhered to. If you wish to be eligible for a driving licence in Haryana, you must strictly adhere to the following qualifying criteria:

  • The candidate must be at least 16 years old and wish to operate a car with a 50cc engine.
  • If you wish to apply for a private car licence, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • If you are over the age of 21, you will be issued a commercial vehicle driver's license.
  • Without a doubt, the candidates should be well aware of all traffic norms and regulations.
  • When you apply for a learner's license in Haryana, you must apply for a driver's license after 30 days and within 180 days.

These are some of the most important requirements to follow if you want to get a driving licence in Haryana. 

How to Obtain Driving License in Haryana?

In Haryana, obtaining a driver's licence is a simple task. One may apply either online or offline, and the process is quite simple and comfortable for candidates.

When applying offline, applicants must send the necessary documentation to the RTO in their region. To obtain a driver's licence, as we all know, one must first obtain a learner's permit. The same method can be used to get a learner's license, which can subsequently be upgraded to a permanent driving license after the applicant reaches the age of 18.

Procedure to Apply for Driving Licence in Haryana

After gaining a lot of knowledge about what you need to do today, this is the precise time for you to know the procedures you really need to apply for a driver's licence. Let's take a deeper look at the statistics you'll need to complete your driving licence application form:

  • To begin, visit the official website of Road & transport.
  • Click on Online Services from the homepage.
  • There are driving license-related services available there. That is what you should choose.
  • Next, select the name of your state.
  • After that, choose online application and new driver's licence.
  • On the screen, an application form will appear. You must complete it with all the necessary details. Any incorrect information will result in the form being canceled.
  • Scanned copies of all essential papers must be uploaded.
  • You must bring the original documents to the RTO for documentation verification.
  • You must now schedule a LL test time and finish the payment process. The charge can be paid online with a credit card or using net banking. You may even pay it at the RTO in cash.
  • Attend the LL test on the scheduled date and time.
  • Your learner's license will be issued once you have passed the exam.

Documents Required for Driving Licence in Haryana

  • Applicants must show evidence of age, which can include a National voter ID card, a valid passport, an Aadhar card, the most recent bills, LIC insurance, and so on.
  • PAN cards, birth certificates, school leaving certificates, and SSLC certificates can all be used as evidence of address.
  • Applicants must also submit three passport-size photos with their application for a driving license in Haryana.
  • If the candidate is seeking a commercial driver's license, they can also present a Driver Training Certificate.

Regardless of these documents mentioned, the Haryana Driver Licensing Department may ask you to submit some other required documents. You should gather information about certificates and documents by searching the official website of the Haryana Driver Licensing Department.

A learner's licence is only valid for six months, and the licence holder is required to learn to drive during that time. He can then apply for a permanent driving permit within three months after getting his learner's permit. It is also essential to know that if the applicant fails the learner's licence exam, he will be summoned back to the RTO 7 days later for a retest.

Step by step procedure to obtain your Permanent Driving Licence

  • Revisit the website.
  • Fill up the necessary details in form.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • You already have paid the fees while applying for the Learner's Licence. So, you need to bring those couple of fee receipts along with this filled form.
  • Book the slot for your driving test.
  • That's it. All set for The Permanent Licence. Now you need to pass the driving test.
  • After clearing the driving test, you will get your Permanent driving license at your registered address.

Driving Test Procedure in Haryana:

A Motor Vehicle Inspector conducts the driving exams for permanent driving licenses in Haryana, as they do everywhere else. To take a test, one must go to the RTO. The applicant must own a vehicle in the same class for which he is seeking a driver's licence. Otherwise, he can utilize the driving school's automobile.

Test for Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler Haryana:

The candidate for a two-wheeler or three-wheeler licence must ride his or her vehicle inside a certain border and create an 'Eight' figure without contacting the poles implanted at the corners. The inspector will also look at how easily the applicant can shift gears, manage the car in bends or reverse, and make a 'figure of eight' without hitting the ground. If the applicant impresses the inspector, he is given permission to take a road test in which he or she must ride safely for a certain distance on a public road.

Test for Four-Wheeler in Haryana:

A four-driving wheeler's exam is mostly identical to that of a two- or three-wheeler. The applicant must, however, drive along the designated 'H' without hitting the columns in this scenario. After the candidate has passed the inspection with his or her driving abilities, he or she must drive safely for a short distance on a public road. If a candidate fails one or both of the exams, a re-test is scheduled within seven days for a small cost.

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