Importance of Process of HGV C + E Training and Licencing


Training and licensing are the two major aspects in terms of driving. Driving gives you a great experience of learning and implementing your knowledge and skills. The process of training and licensing has been made clear with categorized training and licensing according to vehicles. 

Training and licensing have been designed with a particular process to give you an idea about what you need to learn, why it is important to implement like that. Training and licensing lead to various opportunities which in turn give you good exposure and help you in getting employment in the field of driving. Coming towards the categorical division of training and licensing which includes various types of licenses and training like:

  • HGV C+E Training and Licencing
  • Cat C license and Training
  • Cat C1 Licence and Training
  • Cat C1+E Licence and Training
  • Cat B+E Licence and Training
  • Cat D License and Training
  • Cat D1 Licence and training
  • Lorry Loader Licence and Training
  • Forklift
  • ADR
  • Transport Manager CPC
  • Plant machinery etc.

These types and terms explain the various fields in which a person can go and excel in their driving career. When things are process-oriented then it is more clear because one has a clean plan out for the same. Process-oriented things are more efficient than non-process-oriented things. 

With a clear process, one can plan things accordingly. HGV C+E training includes proper process with both theory and practical exposure that is needed in the final driving test. and further, the test is also scheduled to give a clear idea of what the person needs to do which includes medical tests, theory tests, and practical tests. Read more to know about HGV C+E Training and licensing in detail.  

Detailed Process for HGV C+E Training and Licencing 

Medical test

A medical test is a basic requirement for licensing as this is made to check the health of the person if the person is a good fit for driving in all the conditions. HGV C+E vehicle drivers should be fit for driving large vehicles properly in every condition. The medical exam is generally considered a part of the training that is to be completed in training. Medical examinations include a short conversation with the doctor and a brief examination of the individual i.e. basic checkup. 

HGV C+E Theory test 

Theory examination is designed to check the basic knowledge of an individual related to general driving and basic rules that are to be followed while driving. The test contains multiple-choice questions that are 100 in number and out of which 85 questions need to be correct to clear the theory examination. 

HGV C+E Practical  test

Once you are done with the theory test you need to go for a Practical test. The practical test is designed to check your driving ability as of how you drive, how you overcome different hurdles and situations, you are aware of the rules as checked earlier in the theory test but do you inculcate them in your driving experience or not. 

Driver CPC training

When you clear the practical exam you are already Cleared for the HGV C+E license but if you want to excel in professional driving you can go for CPC i.e. certificate of Professional Competence. With this, you can give your career a good start and professionally work in the field of driving with the same. 

Importance of process followed in HGV C+E Training and Licencing 

Process-oriented HGV training and licensing is a crystal clear process following instructions as designed. Training Process includes both practical and theory exposure. 

Theory training gives you needful knowledge about the basic criteria of driving, road safety rules, and other rules and regulations that are to be followed. Practical Training gives you skillful knowledge about driving, which includes how to drive in different conditions, how to manage stress in different driving conditions. Read more to know the importance of the process that is followed in HGV C+E training and licensing.

  1. Gives you the exact process of how you need to go for training.
  2. Fewer confusions
  3. No stress about the things, how will they happen.
  4. When the training process is accurate, one is familiar with licensing process easily
  5. Ease in final test after having training.


In the end,  HGV C + E Training is set up initially to give the person a detailed and appropriate view of how the final exam scheduled for the driving test is set up. HGV C + E training is considered an important aspect to understand the final exam criteria. 

It gives you complete knowledge about the medical test, theory test, and the practical test which is done to check your fitness for driving, basic knowledge check related to general driving, and finally, the skill checking that is needed most in the driving part respectively. One can go into managerial tasks after gaining some experience in driving part of any particular type. But to go in that particular field one should have prior experience with the proper process followed for HGV C+E Training + Licencing. The whole process revolves around the three steps that

  1. Clear medical exam.
  2. Apply for the theory exam followed by the Practical exam
  3. Schedule your CPC.