My ergo stool changed my life. Confession

I’m a happy and productive WFH professional now

It had been happening for quite a few months now that whenever I surfed the net, a picture or two of ergonomic stools popped up on my screen. At the beginning of this year, I, on the insistence of a friend, scrolled through some websites of ergonomic furniture. The product that left me most startled was the ergonomic stool. And that’s because like most of us, I always felt that a stool is just a ‘stool’. I couldn’t fathom a stool being ergonomic. I kept exploring the ergonomic stool on different websites, and one fine morning, decided to buy it.

It was surely a package of bliss and beauty to say the least. It was no ordinary stool. It was akin to a support system that keeps you going despite your physical frailties. I work from home (WFH) and have adopted the couch as my workstation. A dreadful decision, of which, I continued to bear the brunt in the form of excruciating back aches and stiff necks. My spine looked as if someone had given it a twist. 

However, my ergonomic stool changed all that. It offered incredible back support; strengthened my core muscles; enabled me to stretch my legs at work; and pepped up the workplace ambience within moments. My ergo stool is one of my best buys. And I say that because never before had I cared for a healthy approach towards work. Luckily, my ergo stool wasn’t expensive at all. The site from where I bought it claimed that it will enable me to save huge amounts of money on medical bills. 

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4 ways in which my ergo stool changed my life

It improved my posture

I had developed the posture of a typical hunchback, something for which I was ridiculed by my folks. While some addressed me as a ‘couch potato’, others called me ‘The Hunchback of Notre dame.” But my ergo stool improved my posture in no time at all. It’s designed to keep the spine straight, and even opens up the option of stretching my legs. It’s amazingly adjustable, a quality I continue to adore. What’s cool is that my ergo stool doesn’t wobble, and I work sans the worries of tripping over.

It strengthened my back and core muscles

Excellent lumbar support is peppered all over my ergo stool. It keeps my lower back in the ideal shape and allows the spine to maintain its natural ‘S’ curve. The deep cushion pads are so ideally done that the core muscles and the pelvic floor get a taste of inexplicable comfort. What more could I have asked for from my ergonomic stool? It also propelled my productivity, and I am no more a laggard. In fact, my adjustable desk for home office has become a melting pot of comfort, happiness, and bliss since I got this ergonomic stool.

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It beautified my workplace

Months of isolation had made me socially withdrawn and depressed. I really needed something to pep-up the office ambience. My ergo stool is incredulously aesthetic. Mind you, it’s no ordinary stool. It’s covered in black leather that gives it a sophisticated look. The appeal charges my mood every day, and I have really begun to love my work. Now, I feel that my home-office has transformed into a delightful retreat where one can shed worries to the hilt. 

It allowed me to save on medical expenses

Ask any WFH professional and they will unanimously say that backaches become a regularity in home-offices. I concur, and also confess that I was moving towards being unfit. Lazing around all day, I had put on weight. After using my ergo stool, I noticed an improvement in my back, and haven’t visited a doctor for quite some time now. Gladly, I have begun to save a lot of money on medical bills, and it will be used for better things now. I’m so happy to have purchased this ergo stool. It really changed my life.


All I want to say is that home-office ergonomics is a must for all of us. And an integral component of that is the ergonomic stool. Grab it!

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