Online Schooling - Can It Be The Future of Education?

Education is the most important part of everyone's life. Education gives you a lot of exposure to different aspects of life. Education is not only the aspect of bookish learning it is a lot more than that. Education helps you in understanding the criteria of what is right and what is wrong, education gives you a sense of responsibility, education makes you look different from other people, enhances your personality, etc. Education is everything you need to understand in your life and it is the most valuable milestone in your life.

Education helps in the enhancement of not only your technical skills related to your field of study but also enhances your interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skill sets are very important in terms of common professional as well as personal aspects of life. 

Education was an offline process going on in schools, colleges, universities, etc. But the monotony of the process changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic had a huge impact on the education board due to social distancing and lockdown at times caused difficulty in continuation of studies but then the online classes helped a lot at that point of time. 

The changed monotony was earlier like much by children as they enjoyed not going to school just continuing education online sitting at their homes. People who were working in companies had a long break experience and were working from home for such a long interval. This was earlier liked by many individuals but when it continued for 1 long year it became a cause of distress to many people.

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Online education is the biggest change

Taking the earlier aspects the education was an offline process that was monotonous for years till the coronavirus pandemic occurred. Pandemic changed the monotonous behavior of many aspects of one's life but education is the most affected one. The sudden transformation also sounded relaxing for both the teachers as well as the students. Teachers could have flexible timings with the students, no excess workbook marking so they had more time to analyze the student's growth and could assist them in terms of personal growth. Online education gave different opportunities due to saving time. People could enhance their skills, follow many different activities, follow their passion, etc.

Online education is way more simple and strengthened towards the real meaning of education Whereas, Offline education included various aspects which were not important for the implication of education as in offline education they were more into bookish learning, filling up the notebooks and less of actual knowledge. Online education helped individuals understand what online education is. Online education helped people to be more digital than before.

Everything has its pros and cons. Similarly the online education has some pros which were discussed above and also has some demerits which are a type of problems caused while online education. It is genuine because when such a monotonous thing changes there are some problems which can only be recovered with time and in this case with time and technology.

Let's have a further discussion.

Challenges faced during online education

Challenges are part of everything in your life. You just have to look into those challenges, work on them and make that challenge into a positive trait for that aspect. The major drawback that occurred in online education was the less availability of technology everywhere. Some people are up to date with every technology or digital aspect needed in online education but there are some people who never even thought that education would be that digital.

Sometimes it was not just about technology it was more about internet availability in that particular area. Sometimes excess usage of digitized gadgets also reduces the internet strength which again is a problem and also causes loss in education. Sometimes the applications that were used while online education like google meets, teams, etc had some server problems due to its excess usage all over the world.


In the end, it demonstrates that online education can be the future because of the increasing pandemic as well as it will surely improve the technical errors and turn out to be the best source of learning. Online education will surely help you in the long run once you are comfortable with online education too. You can cope up with any type of problem and follow any of the education modes as needed by the time.

Now E-books are enhanced, and this enhancement will help the individual learn various new aspects, which turns on the ability of self-learning because when you are using digitized gadgets then you automatically scroll down because of the increased interest in a particular topic because of numerous viewpoints on a single topic on the Internet.

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