A Guide to Driving Careers

If you are passionate or interested in making your career in driving then you need to have a clean licence i.e. for safe and legal driving. There are a lot of options in driving as a career. So anyone can have a good experience in this field according to their own choices. Driving careers can be of different streams as per your choice. Increasing tourism in different cities leads to an increase in driving careers as there are many jobs for driving vehicles for tourists spots. And secondly talks about commercial driving which adds to a career of driving for carrying goods and services from one place to another. 

Read more to know about various driving careers according to the desired field. There are various jobs according to the categorized licences. Some of these are class 1 driving jobs, LGV Cat C driving jobs, D+E driving Jobs, D1+E driving jobs, Class 2 Driving jobs, and many more things. You can get more information in detail once you understand the general meaning of what driving offers. You can also go through various write-ups that justify the jobs in the driving field. Both in general and commercial driving.   

Some of the driving jobs are listed below for your reference. You can check everything connected to this field. This will help you grow your career in the field of driving by knowing every aspect of this. From the requirements to salary, everything is at your place. Let's get through the factors relatable to driving.

Bus Driver Jobs

According to one of the analyses for bus transport:

  • It is shown that public bus transport has almost completed 4.7 Billion journeys in the year 2013 to 2014. OUt of which 51% were made in London. 
  • There are almost 35.8 K buses as per the research out of which 26% are in London. 
  • It is also seen that local bus operators hire almost 100,00 staff around the country for the Bus driving jobs.

The other type of category in terms of driving is based on Home deliveries. Let us discuss in detail driving careers in Home deliveries.

Home Delivery

  • Home deliveries have now become a trend, so the future of the home delivery profession will be brighter in future. An increase in Online shopping data, has increased the need for home deliveries too.
  • According to the research provided, 100,000 new vans are registered in almost the first three months of 2015 that are upgraded by 22.3% if compared to the first three months of 2014.
  • It is seen that in UK, Online sales got boosted up to £103bn and further it grew by 12% in the year 2015. And this is equated to £1 in every £4 a Briton spends.

Further, there are many job opportunities in the field of driving. Let's discuss more driving careers in detail like HGV drivers. It is the major category in terms of commercial driving.

HGV Drivers

  • It has been seen from past years that there is a significant increase in the number of people passing the HGV driving test. 
  • According to the analytics provided by Zoek blogs, there is an increase of 20.4% of people qualifying for the HGV driving Test that is almost 7.9 k people.
  • It has been noticed that Road and Haulage are considered as the largest part of the logistics sector with almost £42 billion a year.
  • Analytics provide that 2% of HGV drivers are below the age of 25 years and 60% are over the age of 45 years.
  • There are various diversions when talking about HGV drivers these are class 1 driving jobs, LGV Cat C driving jobs, D+E driving Jobs, D1+E driving jobs, Class 2 Driving jobs.

Other Driving Jobs

  • There are many other aspects when talking about driving careers with different requirements and different salaries as per the job you are opting for.
  • All the aspects related to any job are designed based on risks and the requirements of that particular job. 
  • Let's discuss the other jobs that are available in terms of driving. Various jobs are related to ambulance driving, driving maximum capacity vehicles, etc. You can get more updates on Class1 driving jobs when talking about commercial vehicles.
  • For ambulance driving and other management of patients, a person should have good communication skills, should be calm and patient so that you create a positive attitude towards the person who is already stressed out due to their near ones in pain. The person who is taking care of ambulance driving should drive the vehicle appropriately so that there are no problems to the patient.

Wrapping It Up

In Conclusion, Driving is a vast career with a lot of opportunities based upon various aspects. Driving makes you understand and explore things positively and you can grow your career as per your choices in the field of driving. 

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