Smart Products That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Smart products have entered the global market over the last decade, that too with a very significant presence that’s hard to miss. Across the US people are converting their traditional households into Smart Homes, and for various reasons for that matter. Some prefer the technology that supports automation and remote access, while others prefer to count them as a long-term investment for their energy efficiency features. Smart products are also great for serving as a means of providing home security.

For the reasons above and many more, a Smart Home holds more value than a regular home. And that is because of the smart technology that is brought around by smart products installed within. Gone are the days where you had to have expensive technology and renovations done to automate your home just to stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood. Smart products have completely changed the game – with their compact designs, automation and other smart features, not to mention their prices being quite affordable. 

Here are some smart home devices that can increase the value of your home by quite a bit should you plan to sell in the future. They really do raise the prospects of your home as compared to the rest. 

Smart Thermostats

You would be lucky to have a smart thermostat in your home. These devices are far more brilliant than the ones your already have installed in your homes and here’s why. 

Smart thermostats connect to the Wi-Fi network and are controlled via their mobile applications that can be downloaded onto your smartphones and tablets. That means remote control, wireless access to your smart thermostat whether you’re in the next room, at work or in another city spending the holidays at your parents’ home. 

Check your thermostat status, switch it on or off or even set schedules for your device to follow throughout the day while you can’t keep tabs with your busy schedule. These devices really do work in an energy-efficient manner but not just because they are accessible 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, but also because they have the ability to turn themselves down while you’re away, or to an eco-friendly mode just to save energy.

So not only do you manage to get your green footprint out there, but there is also the added bonus or lower heating and cooling bills overtime. 

Smart Smoke Detectors

Whether is it wired or wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, these devices are a crucial part of every American household, and not just confined to commercial buildings. Research has shown that over the years because of modern furnishing, it is easy for fires to spread faster, therefore it is imperative that homeowners install smoke detectors within their homes. 

A smart smoke detector is just like any other, except it comes with a couple of smart features of its own that makes it better than the ordinary ones. In addition to sounding the alarm, these devices send alerts directly to your mobile devices any time a potential threat is detected, so even if you’re away you can call for help just in time. False alarms and low battery alarms can also be hushed from our mobiles and tablets, instead of you having to manually do it from the device itself. 

Other features pertain to the brand of the smart smoke detectors. For instance, the Google Nest Protect can also speak up when it detects any smoke, fire or carbon monoxide leak, and where exactly it has detected it. It even has a soft, green glow and lights up when there’s movement in the dark.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a real game changer, providing tamperproof and keyless entry to a home. And it will surely add some extra value to your property. Most smart locks feature a keypad, while some don’t – nonetheless, smart locks with keypads allow you to unlock your doors with personalized codes, and can even generate temporary codes through their mobile apps for your friends and family to use. 

Other than that, smart door locks can also be locked, unlocked via their mobile app. So instead of lending your passcodes or generating temporary ones you can unlock your door for anybody while you’re away. It’s easy and it’s safe!

Smart Door locks also keep track of whenever your door was unlocked, and with the help of location tracking, or just with its built-in tech they can automatically lock themselves after several seconds of the door closing.  

There are so many more smart home devices out there in the market, bringing with them the smart technology that can automate your home in an inexpensive manner, while some also working to promote energy efficiency simultaneously – cutting back on your utility bills over time. When you can get all this and much more, and in the process even benefit from it when the time comes to sell your home, then why not install some smart devices around the house?

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