Tips to Reduce Your Smartphone Data Use on the Go

Using your smartphone most of the day can flood your phone with data. This can use up your phone’s battery right away and make you reach your data caps sooner. You could end up paying higher fees. Thankfully, reducing your smartphone data use is achievable.

The following are easy tips you can follow to reduce your smartphone data use while on the go:

Wait for a Wi-Fi Connection 

Downloading and updating apps on your phone using your phone’s wireless data will automatically flood your phone with data. Set your phone to download or update when you have a Wi-Fi signal. Then, ignore the update prompts to your apps and iOS. 

Google Play is a credible distributor of Android applications. Connecting to a Wi-Fi provider allows you to download games and other apps with your Google Play promo code. You can then play or stream as much as you can without dreading data flooding.

You can access Wi-Fi in coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places. It will only take seconds to connect to these hotspots. Once connected, you can enjoy using different platforms without stressing about your smartphone data use. 

Control App Background Data

Many apps continue to consume mobile data even when your phone is idle. The background data in your phone updates and keeps an eye on your apps. Go to your phone’s settings and turn off the background data usage of some apps. 

Limit the Phone’s Data Usage

You can go to your phone’s settings and set a personal limit to your phone’s monthly data use. This can help prevent the use of excessive data you do not know about. You can also set your phone to disconnect from your mobile network once your phone reaches its data limit. 

Use Chrome’s Data Compression

You can go to Google Play and download Google Chrome for your phone’s browser. Chrome has a feature that lowers data use on smartphones. Turning on the data compression feature passes our traffic through one of Google’s proxies. Then it optimizes and compresses data before it reaches your phone. This speeds up the loading of different pages without changing web content. 

This is possible by opening the three-dot menu on Google Chrome. Go to settings and tap Data Saver.

Limit the Use of Streaming Apps

Streaming videos and music eats up data. The high-resolution images consume huge amounts of mobile data. Use your Wi-Fi connection when you download videos and music. 

Lowering the video quality while streaming can also help reduce your data consumption. 

Check Your Apps

If you used your Google Play promo code recently to purchase apps, always keep an eye on them. Some of these apps eat up data right away, especially if they sync in the background. 

Social media apps consume excessive amounts of data. You can use the lite version of these apps to lower your phone’s data use.


Using your Google Play promo code in getting the latest mobile apps can result in massive data use if you do not know what to do. You can reduce your smartphone data use while on the go by setting a limit on your mobile data use and using reliable Wi-Fi connections.