A Complete Guide to Different Types of Tarps

Farmers, truckers, or other people who work outdoors, should always invest in a high-quality and durable tarp as per their requirements. However, to choose the perfect one, you need to know about the different types of tarps available in the market. 

It’s important to choose a tarp that can serve your purposes. But choosing the best tarps within your expected price range will be an extremely difficult task if you don’t know about them properly. 

Primary Types of Tarps 

Even though there are different types of tarps available in the market, you need to know about the primary types of tarps that are most popular. 

  • Custom Heavy-Duty Tarps: When you purchase a heavy-duty custom tarpaulin, it will help you protect your stationary things from exposure to outdoor elements. The custom heavy-duty tarps are extremely effective at covering machinery, hay, furniture items, and generators. They can also be used as camping materials. 
  • Truck Tarps: The truck tarps can help you cover the loads on the truck while transporting them from one place to another. Some truck tarps are crafted for specific types of loads, whereas some are created to protect the loads from specific damages. 

Different Types of Tarps 

Now that you know the primary types of tarps available in the market, it’s time to discuss the other types of tarps. 

Lumber Tarp

The lumber tarps are one of the most famous flatbed trucks available in the market that are perfect for haulers and truckers. They are perfect to cover different types of loads, especially lumber. To achieve superior security, the lumber tarps come with three rows of D-rings. 

The size is the main difference between the lumber tarps and steel tarps. Steel tarps are much more identical to lumber tarps. However, steel is denser than lumber. This is why the steel tarps are shorter than the lumber tarps. As per Hyper Textbook, steel is a denser material

Steel Tarp 

Steel tarps are one type of truck tarps that are extremely effective at covering loads of steel during their transportation process. High-quality steel tarps are made of haul-stacked steel instead of steel coils. This is why they are one of the most affordable options for hauling steel rods. The lumber tarps and steel tarps are both made of heavy-duty vinyl. They are both effective at covering truck beds. 

Some specific types of steel tarps are also made of lighter-weight materials. These tarps are not only easier to transport and fold but are also resistant to wear and tear. However, make sure you use edge and corner protectors while using the steel tarps. 

Machinery Tarps 

The machinery tarps are one of the most famous types of truck tarps that are designed specifically to cover the equipment loads and machines from damage. The equipment and machinery often come in a weird shape. Therefore, it’s challenging to cover those completely using tarps. Even if you manage to do that, you will need large tarps. 

Apart from that, the machinery, as well as the equipment, also comes with sharp edges that can damage the tarps. This is why you need to use machinery tarps that are made of heavy-duty materials. They are tear-resistant and highly customizable. 


Now that you know about the different types of tarps available in the market, it’s time to choose the best one. Consider contacting us if you need high-quality custom tarps. 

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