How to Install Car Speakers

For car aficionados, the music system holds crucial importance. If you love your car more than anything and you enjoy long and thrilling drives, then you must be fond of listening to your favorite tracks while driving. 

Being a car enthusiast you want the audio system of your car to be the best. As your music entertainment merely depends on the stereo system installed in your car and if the sound system is of high quality then your electrifying rides are also enjoyable.

The car's sound system includes many components. However, speakers are the most indispensable component. Have you ever wondered how to install car speakers in your vehicle? It’s not as hard as it seems to be. All you need is to do some research and gather some knowledge.

Why Do You Need to Install Speakers?

Installing new speakers is the most cost effective method to give your car’s audio system a complete new life. If you are interested, you can choose any of the best cheap speakers for car and get them installed in your vehicle. It includes a step by step procedure to install speakers.

What You Need for Installation?

You should know what parts and tools you need for the installation process. Let’s discuss them first. With speakers you need to buy two other parts which are necessary to be installed with speakers.

Parts Needed

  1. A vehicle-specific wiring hitch; It is used to connect the speakers to the dedicated plastic plug. 
  2. Speakers Brackets; It is for when your new speakers are of different size as compared to the previous ones or mounting holes do not line up then you need it.

Tools Needed

  • Wire cutter
  • A variety of screw drivers
  • Small sockets
  • Drill
  • Allen wrenches
  • Crimping tools and connectors
  • A file
  • Craft Knife
  • Electric tape

Installation Types

It's better if you identify your vehicle and mounting type and know perfectly which speakers can be installed in your car. Sometimes speakers do fix into the factory speaker openings but at times you may face a situation where your speakers won’t fit into the factory manufactured openings. When these openings are larger than the speakers, you will be in need of speaker brackets to fix them properly.

When the speakers are not fixed into the openings then you can also do it with other small modifications. It may involve drilling of new screw holes. When these factory openings are smaller than the speakers, you need to cut a piece of metal or pressboard. By this cutting you may create a room for the speaker to fit into the opening. 

When it comes to component speakers, they include separate woofers, tweeters and crossovers. Woofers are always installed in the factory openings space but tweeters are a customized thing. They are installed separately. 

Replacing Dash Speakers

Usually dash speakers are replaced by removing the grilles. For this purpose, you only need a screwdriver. You may face some friction in doing so, you can simply pry it up. Sometimes the grilles are screwed up or have been fixed by the help of plastic studs. You have to put a slight pressure. You need to continue to put pressure slightly and cautiously so that it may not break. If this is broken, then the whole panel needs to be removed.

Replacing Door Speakers

Speakers that are installed in the door panels are of great importance in producing a good sound quality. You can easily replace them too. It’s a very rare situation that you will replace the speakers by just removing the grille. When and if you want to replace a door speaker you need to follow certain steps which are discussed in detail below. 

Step 1: First of all, remove the grille and the speaker you are replacing. You need to be careful here because maybe the speaker is attached to the wiring harness. In some factory speakers, sealant is used. For that you have to cut with the utility knife. 

Step 2: In this step you have to unplug the factory wiring harness and attach Crutchfield wiring harness. Now on the other terminal attach the factory wiring harness. 

Step 3: You must check the connections one last time. Give it a try to test the speaker. If working properly, reattach the grilles.

Removing the Door Panel

Removal of the door panels seems to be the toughest task but this is not that much difficult work. It is actually a lot of work. In different kinds of vehicles different tools and techniques are used. In newer cars you can remove the panels to install new speakers but if you have an old car with the crank on the window, you have to remove the crank first.

Before removing the panels practically try to disconnect the electric current. When you are done with removing the crank and disconnecting all the power functions, then remove the clips which are holding the panel. Once you have all the screws out you just remove the panel but remember to start from the bottom and slowly pull out the panel.

When you have removed the panel just a few steps are left to get the work done.

  • Eliminating Old Speakers

For installing new ones, old speakers need to be removed to reach out to the mounts and detach the wires.

  • Setting up New Speakers

When you get a space in mounts just try to fix out the speaker. For this purpose, you may need to perform some modifications in order to get the new speakers fixed. 

  • Connecting the Speakers

Now comes the task to connect the speakers. Speakers may be connected by drilling new holes or may need new connectors. 

  • Wiring

Just attach the wires according to the negative and positives wires and then plug into head wiring.

  • Cleaning Up

After completing the wiring, it is better to seal the wire with the help of tape.

  • Testing the Speakers

When you are done with the installation process, just play a song to test the speakers. If it is properly played it means the successful installation has been done. If it does not work, check the terminals again.

Concluding Remarks

With all the information and methods provided, I anticipate that you are now fully equipped with the methods and steps of how to install car speakers? Installation of car speakers by yourself is not a difficult task but you need to do more work and pay more attention. 

Each car has a unique installation procedure so it is necessary for you to have prior knowledge. When you start working to install the car speakers, it’s a lot of work but if you pay attention it will be done soon.

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