The Souvenirs Of Classic American Culture - Felt hats for Men

The idea of wearing a felt goes back to the early days when the cowboy used them to represent their unique looks. Members of the nobility and around town wore early felt hats during festivities and celebrations. European settlers brought felt hats eventually to America during the colonial era. 

On the other hand, if you have light hair, you can opt to wear dark shades because it will make your hair appear richer. Besides its cultural significance, it has become an iconic element seen on many different items that circle your head, such as baseball caps and winter hats. Making their way into popular culture, some celebrities like Kanye West have been known to wear them.

Basic Designs Of Felt Hats For Men

In terms of fashion accessories, it pays to know the basic design of felt hats. Most felt hats are made up of two pieces: a crown and a brim. In some cases, there should also be a crease that runs from the height to the bill where the hat is stitched together.

Whether your hair is long or short, you can never go wrong with a wool or fur hat in the wintertime because it will keep your head warm. You can place it on your head by setting the crown above or between your eyes. You can pull it down and fold the brim over if this doesn't fit.

Felt Hats For Winter Days

  • Felt hats are available in a wide variety of sizes. If your head is a little tiny, you can opt to buy a small felt or fur hat. Although they may not be as warm as other felt hats, they will work! To maintain these felt hats for men when wearing them in cold weather, make sure it is made of good quality wool or fur on all sides of the crown. 
  • The whole inside of the crown should also be made out of suitable quality materials that will not unravel quickly. You can also choose to wear two hats at one time if you want to safeguard against extreme cold weather conditions.

What Makes Felt Hats Unique?

  • Felt hats are made by felting wool fibers which result in a dense, tight fabric. The raw material for making different hats is generally short wool felt. It is made by matting, condensing, and pressing wool fibers together. 
  • In the past, people used felt from animals worldwide, but nowadays, most manufacturers use wool from merino sheep from Australia and South America.
  • From a distance, felt looks like fur, but there are some differences between the two materials. One of them is that felt does not prick you when you touch it as hair does, so people consider it more comfortable for wearing on your head.

Three Best Styles of Felt Hats For Men

You can match your hats with your style and color choice. That's why you need to fine-tune your selection of felt caps. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from. From the materials used in making felt hats and caps to the colors and patterns on them, your choice will be determined by what you like or what suits you best. Here are the two best hat styles for every man:

Flat Cap

This type of felt cap is more casual and not as formal as other types. It has a low rounded top and a flower crown also. It has a wide, soft brim and wide hatband to fit on the back of your head. This hat style will make you look younger, especially if you have a baby face. You can wear this type of hat when you are going out to see friends or if you want to hang out with your buddies at the local pub or café.

Snap-back Hat

Teens commonly wear the snap-back hat because it has a shallow profile so that it can be worn with almost anything, such as your school uniform or casual shirts and jeans. It's an unusual hat because it has a wide brim folded back. It is sometimes used as a conversation starter to encourage people to ask about the hat. This cap style will make you look very streetwise and calm, especially if you have a hairstyle like dreadlocks.

The one thing that makes these felt hats for men even more noteworthy is their wide brim and elegant design, making them more attractive than other styles on the market.

Felt hats can be worn with almost anything from casual to formal. You can wear it with preppy or sporty style or with matching outfits. You can choose a bold and colorful design and compare it with fitted shirts, jackets, pants, etc. Every man wants to look good even when he is not dressed up! Though that felt will hold onto dry dirt, keep in mind to clean them regularly and whenever needed.

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