What Does It Take To Be A Good Security Guard

When we talk about a good security guard, the first question that comes to mind is what kind of person is this guardian? Is it reliable? Does he treat others well? Is he professional and well trained?  

So if we want to hire a guard from a security guard services company, we must first know what it takes to be a good security guard.  

In this article, we will share the nine characteristics that distinguish a security guard. 

1 - Committed 

Commitment is one of the characteristics in human relationships.  

Humans can develop their relationships by committing. A professional guard knows that he is committed to his job to protect and take care of the property entrusted to him with all the strength and energy. 

2 - Being polite 

It is one of the basic principles in relations.  

A guard should be polite because he encounters different people day and night during his service. Especially since one of these people is the employer or the employer's family. 

Therefore, it is important to be polite.

3 - Being brave 

A healthy personality has courage. It is bad for a security guard not to take risks or prevent falling into the foot of extreme fears.  

Courage to do things boosts self-confidence, and this is one of the secrets to success in anything.  

A security guard must have a brave character, given the type of work he does, which can sometimes lead to clashes with thieves and villains. 

4 - Active and full of energy 

An active and energetic security guard does not fall asleep at work and can make decisions in a timely manner and perform his duties well. 

5 - Being creative 

One of the most important characteristics of a guard is creativity. He must be able to make good and constructive decisions in the moment.  

6 - Being kind 

When we are doing something that we may have to spend a whole day and night in a kiosk, we may get a little tired and this tiredness will appear on our face. But a professional security guard knows how hard his job can be.   

Therefore, in any situation, he tries to treat others with kindness and good manners.  

Of course, employers also enjoy working with a good-natured guard, rather than someone who is impolite. 

7 - Eagerness to work

A guard who is eager to work does not do many things! Like being late for work, getting laid off (leaving work during office hours), misbehaving with co-workers, undermining, and all of these things are considered bad for us.  

So, we are always looking for people who are sure that they do not do what we ask them to do with coercion and reluctance, but with passion and motivation. 

8 - Trustee

A guard can not be a good trustee when he is on duty, working with his mobile phone or losing his job while he has to pay attention to people's property. 

A trusted guard is someone who does not turn a blind eye to the property taken over during the 24 or 12 hours he or she is in charge of guarding.

9 - Flexible and patient

Well, of course, all people who are not always well. Sometimes a guard has a busy and boring day and may not get along well with the security guard. 

A good guard flexible and patient enough to calm down and end the mess instead of creating conflict and tension.

Bottom Line

Being a good security guard requires some characteristics that are not available in every person, however a person can try to develop his skill to meet the needs of such a job.

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