Create A Stunning Accent Wall For Your Kid's Bedroom With Removable Wallpaper

Designing a beautiful kids' room that finds that perfect balance between what you want and what your child needs can be a challenging task at the best of times. 

A lot depends on the space available, the resources you are willing to invest in, and of course, the specific choices and tastes of the kids at home. It seems that more and more homeowners are opting for kids' bedrooms that quickly grow along with their little ones and do not commit excessively to one glaringly obvious theme. It means a neutral backdrop where accent additions and decor bring in the necessary colour. And a few additions to get this job done, as well as a fabulous accent wall.

If you're looking for a creative way to revamp your little one's personal space, you have come to the right place! There are no bounds to a child's imagination, and that's one of the many things we love about them. Our diverse accent wall ideas for kids' rooms with the help of wallpaper are the perfect ingredient for honing their budding personalities.

7 Refreshing Accent Wall Ideas For Kids' Rooms

1. Beyond Just Color!

Are you bored with those colorful accent walls? Want something more refined and unique that will allow you to transform that kids' room into a guest space over time? Then how about dropping color and turning towards texture to provide some contrast to the contemporary areas. Wooden panel accent walls are quickly becoming very popular with homeowners globally, and if they come from reclaimed wood, then even better! Using this accent addition, you might well be teaching your child a valuable lesson in sustainability that will serve them well for life.

2. Eye-Catching Murals

Finally, we have accent walls that embrace dramatic and brilliant murals to give the room a stunning focal point. Kids' bedrooms are perfect spaces for gigantic murals, and you can pick one that reflects your children's taste to shape an enchanting bedroom that will leave them spellbound. Lauren Watts from says an accent wall filled with a giant mural always looks better when the rest of the room is as organized and neutral as possible. Make sure, though, that the mural's colors are not too overwhelming, and if you want a more understated look, think of black and white murals to get the job done.

3. Energetic chevron 

Bright and pleasing, this kids' room is filled with a sense of energy, thanks to the freshness of blue, white, and yellow hues. The yellow and grey chevron accent wall adds character to this playful den. A fun blackboard further accentuates the beauty of the patterns.

4. Subtle beauty

Sometimes children love the idea of having something subtle, especially teenagers. You can use an abstract art-inspired accent wall to keep the kid's bedroom wall simple and exciting. A monochrome shade like this is ideal as it works as a neutral color for kids sharing a room.

Moreover, it is the perfect backdrop for styling the room in bright, colorful accents. In fact, you can put your hands on kids room wallpaper to quickly revamp your child's room anytime. 

Create A Stunning Accent Wall For Your Kid's Bedroom With Removable Wallpaper

5. Lost in Wonderland

The perfect, exuberant playroom your child will swear by! Your child is instantly transported to a fantasy land with castles, rolling landscapes, cartoon cars, and colorful balloons.

With a beautiful accent wall in your kids' room, play times can extend for hours so that adults are free to complete their home chores peacefully.

6. Cartoon Cuteness

The animal lover in your child will adore the fun wall paper with a cute cartoon mouse happily blowing bubbles. We know how pink is an absolute favorite in girls' bedrooms, and this accent wall subtly introduces the color so it doesn't overwhelm the space.

It can be used in a nursery and stay through the growing years, well into the preteens, in your kids' bedroom.

7. Birdsong

This accent wall is a splendid idea for eager parents-to-be. Charming birds and flowers styled on a tiffany blue and peachy pink palette makes this a gender-neutral space.

With a timeless design, the kids' room can easily be transformed from a nursery into a bedroom for a good few years.

Closing thoughts

Blue and pink walls no longer define children's rooms. Fun wall decals or wallpapers with animal motifs, comic themes, and more are quickly getting popular. Hope you loved our assortment of accent wall ideas for kids' rooms! Moreover, if you want to know about other home improvement and decorating ideas, take into consideration to check out