5 Reasons why AWS is the best career move

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a part of Amazon that offers individuals, businesses, and governments pay-as-you-go on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs. 

Amazon's cloud computing platform, AWS (Amazon Web Services), is extensive and constantly expanding. It mixes packaged software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions. Receiving tools like processing power, database storage, and content delivery services from AWS services can be advantageous for an organisation.

Amazon.com developed an internal infrastructure to manage its online retail activities. One of the first businesses to offer a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model that scales to meet users' needs for processing, storage, or throughout was Amazon Web Services (AWS).

If you are interested in cloud computing and are looking for a new profession, an AWS (Amazon Web Services) career path may be a good choice. In the upcoming years, funding for public cloud infrastructure and services will likely increase. This implies that beginning a career in the public cloud space, which has a bright future, is a wise decision.

AWS Career Growth

Being AWS certified opens up many doors to a rewarding and well-paying profession. It strengthens your reputation, which will assist you in progressing professionally.

1. The Post popular Public Cloud Platform

AWS is unquestionably the market leader in cloud computing services. AWS is rapidly gaining market share in IaaS (infrastructure as a service), which is only one aspect of the public cloud sector. According to Statista, AWS controls nearly as much of the IaaS market sector as the following two biggest providers (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform combined). Furthermore, AWS's market share is growing in areas other than IaaS, although the IaaS business is less than half the size of the SaaS (software as a service) market.

2. The Most Rapidly Expanding Public Cloud Service 

The fastest-growing public cloud service is AWS. AWS has a seven-year head start on its competition because it was the first public cloud service to begin in 2006. AWS took advantage of this opportunity and has since grown to become the fastest-growing public cloud provider. It is still multiplying, with a 39% growth expected in the near future. 

3. Greater Application of AI and Machine Learning

AWS has become essential for IT professionals who want to guarantee their future employment because it is the most popular public cloud computing service used by both large and small enterprises. Even beyond 2022, there will be a significant application of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud. In addition, over half of IT professionals feel that AI and machine learning will play a significant role in cloud computing adoption.

4. New Opportunities for Professional Advancement

The second inclusion on the list of the top AWS certification perks is the advancement of professional competence. AWS certifications, as previously said, necessitate substantial study, practice, and attention to learning AWS technology. Furthermore, concerns regarding recertification necessitate that candidates stay current on AWS trends. As a result, to earn the certification, you will need to demonstrate your expertise and invest time in maintaining the certification.

Individuals can also earn additional AWS certifications to expand their skill set. After getting the AWS Developer associate certification, you can, for instance, pursue AWS DevOps certification. 

5. A Better Salary Package

One of the reasons why AWS is the best career move is because of the salary package they offer. According to recent Global Knowledge survey forecasts, AWS certification can enhance a competent professional's revenue by more than 25.9 percent. AWS certification pay for a certified professional is estimated to be almost USD 113,932.

On the contrary, those without certification make an average annual salary of USD 90,512. This suggests that AWS certification's advantages can lead to a sizable monthly wage.

Even if you are new to AWS, you can validate your skills by taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. We suggest you take the Free AWS cloud practitioner practice test and revise with the help of mock exams.

How to Get Started with AWS?

Now that you know the AWS career path is profitable and challenging, the next step is to educate yourself on how you may obtain the necessary knowledge to enter this profession.

You have access to a plethora of AWS learning resources. Online training platforms such as saasguru, manuals, and books are available, as well as AWS communities and practice examinations, to help you gain the necessary knowledge. However, you must take the time to research and select the appropriate material. 

Before you choose the AWS programs, you must examine the quality of the material, the time available, and your money. The best option, however, is to take the course from a reputable university with numerous experienced professors who can teach both theory and practical applications. This help starts and grows your profession.

You will also need to obtain the AWS certification to authenticate your credibility and skill, allowing you to apply for jobs with firms. The accreditation indicates to your company that you are prepared to assume responsibility.

Once you obtain the AWS certification, you can choose from various AWS-related occupations. You can work as a cloud practitioner or solution expert in machine learning and storage areas. Advanced networking, security, and extensive data are typical examples.

AWS Certifications Available

AWS certifications are classified into four types. Basic, Associate, Professional, and Specialty are the four levels.

AWS Basic Level Certification (1 certification) recognizes you as an AWS Cloud Practitioner and introduces you to the principles of cloud computing and how AWS operates.

  • AWS Associate Level Certification consists of three certifications: AWS Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate, and AWS Certified Developer - Associate, which give you a thorough understanding of AWS development architecture and operations.
  • AWS Professional Level Certifications include AWS Solutions Architect - Professional and AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional, demonstrating your understanding of AWS engineering and architecture.
  • AWS Speciality Certifications consist of 3 certifications. It provides the Advanced Networking - Specialty, Security - Specialty, and Big Data - Specialty certifications that cover a wide range of AWS-related specialty topics. 

AWS - What are the Job Prospects? 

According to Payscale, the average yearly salary for an Amazon Web Services expert in the United States is USD 108,000/-. AWS certification is thus the highest paying IT credential in North America. According to the same poll, the top five AWS occupations and their accompanying earnings are as follows, depending on whether the accreditation obtained is associate level or professional level.

AWS Solutions Architect Certification

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, is a premier IT credential. It is also AWS's most well-known certification. The Solutions Architect - Associate certification is the third-highest paying IT qualification in North America in 2021, according to a survey done by Global Knowledge. Participants in this study who hold a certification earned an average salary of $159,033.2.

Candidates for this certification must have used the Amazon Web Services platform professionally for at least a year. Additionally, they must be familiar with the network technology, security features, and best practices of Amazon Web Services. 

Associate SysOps Administrator

 The fee of the SysOps certification test is the same as that of other AWS associate exams. However, it's worth is in its use, particularly for those pursuing AWS professional certifications. The SysOps exam is often regarded as AWS's most difficult associate exam. 

AWS updated the Sysops - Associate exam to reflect AWS platform developments. 

In order to complete the lab items on the new exam, test-takers must use either the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface. 

Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner 

You can develop a fundamental understanding of the AWS cloud infrastructure by earning the title of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

You'll discover how to define its architectural principles, financial benefits to users, and security features.

Technical cloud computing abilities are not assessed in the Cloud Practitioner test. On the other hand, entry-level professionals with this certificate can expect to earn well. The average salary in the country, according to ZipRecruiter, is $88,813. 

Participants in tests are advised to have at least six months of AWS experience. This experience, however, does not have to be technical. The certificate exam can be taken in person onsite or online with the assistance of a proctor.

What is the significance of certification? 

Cloud computing is critical for IT workers. Since artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving all organizations to the cloud, most IT professionals believe these cutting-edge technologies will significantly impact cloud computing adoption. Therefore, AWS certifications will grow in value.

Acquiring cloud computing skills, particularly with AWS services, is a must for IT workers today and in the near future. As a result, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in 2022, you can't afford to overlook AWS credentials.

The Bottom Line

AWS certification job may be a suitable fit if you are interested in cloud computing. An AWS certification increases your income and opens up new options in the IT industry. Because AWS-certified workers are in high demand, the AWS job path has a lot of potential in the future. 

Begin with AWS certification training to advance your career.