Have you ever been looking for a good laptop in an electronics store when a salesperson comes up to you? Most likely yes. Do you know the right questions to ask the salesperson, or do you just listen to him give a generic sales spiel and buy a laptop that isn't right for you? God forbid, we ought to prevent such occurrences. In order to avoid paying for features or laptop components you don't require; this article lists the top 7 questions you should ask a laptop salesperson.

 1. What's Inside The CPU?

The CPU utilized by the laptop is one of the most basic inquiries that every laptop seller has to be able to respond to. As you may be aware, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor used to be the bare minimum CPU option for laptops. Anything less, and we're looking at a (presumably) subpar laptop. Therefore, be sure to question the salesperson about the laptop's CPU use. And he had the best response.

2. What Memory Capacity Does It Have?

The quantity of RAM the laptop has is another important issue. Most computers today contain at least 1GB of RAM, and many have far more. Check the amount of RAM you have available because this is the bare minimum to operate Windows Vista amiably. Please who wants to submit blogs and article can visit the link given on "Laptop Write For Us"

3. What are the weight and size of the screen?

Sometimes it's challenging to estimate a laptop's screen size. Make sure to inquire about the laptop's screen size from the salesperson. Typically, a quality laptop requires between 12 and 14 inches. Laptops for gaming or multimedia may have displays as large as 17 inches.

Another important factor is the laptop's weight. Make careful you question the salesman about the laptop's weight in addition to feeling the weight of the device. Is the battery pack included or is it not? Such matters should be made clear.

4. What Customization Options Are There?

Ask the salesperson about modification possibilities if you have unique requirements that the laptop as it is cannot satisfy. For instance, you may inquire with the salesperson about upgrading the laptop's RAM by an additional 2GB. Does the laptop include Firewire ports or a card reader if you enjoy video editing? These might not be included in the standard laptop design, but they might be in a customised configuration.

5. How Much Does a Replacement Battery Cost?

If you're like me, I always buy an extra battery for my laptops. The thing is, you don't want the laptop to run out of juice when you're on the road and have no access to a power socket. So always check with the salesman what is the cost of an extra laptop battery. These can usually cost a lot of money, so they can add to the overall cost of ownership of your machine.

6. What Is the Warranty Policy?

Another important thing to check is obviously the warranty policy of the laptop. Does the manufacturer cover the machine for 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years? Or do they have a lifetime warranty policy? What about dead pixels on the laptop screen, or defective software? Do these get covered in the warranty policy? Check these with the salesman before you pay for the laptop.

7. What Software Comes Pre-Installed?

Very often, we assume that a laptop comes with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office and other productivity suites all pre-configured. That's not always the case. Most laptop manufacturers just install Windows Vista and do not include stuff like Microsoft Office - which you need to purchase separately on your own.