Sophistication and fashionableness are on every bride's wish list and with so much jewellery out there to choose from, which bridal jewellery set is right for you? Let's take a look at some factors that will help you make the right decision, one that will suit you, your style, your wedding theme and most importantly - your budget!

As vintage is so very much on-trend at the moment, why not consider checking out companies who specialise in mixing the old with the new. Sterling silver and Marcasite are an exceptionally good bridal jewellery combination and now there are some fantastic jewellery sets out there and some are very good value for money.

If you prefer more of a classical look, then pearls have to make an appearance somewhere within your jewellery, look no further than freshwater pearls or shell pearls. Freshwater pearls, by their very nature, tend to be rather creamy and ivory in colour although white freshwater pearls can be obtained, you just need to make sure you ask this question when ordering your jewellery, especially if your wedding dress is white! Swarovski crystals that have been coated in shell pearl are available in several shades and have an extremely luxurious lustre that is truly breath-taking! So don't rule these out as your pearl option.

For the bling requirements, Swarovski crystals are a fantastic option and as they are available in so many colours, it is easy for your designer and jeweller to match up your exact colour requirement and they are so cost-effective these could be an ideal bridal jewellery set option for you.

Not forgetting semi-precious stones! Cubic Zirconia is the scintillating diamond that look-alike and shimmers beautifully in the light. You have your Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine or Peridot if you want to add a zap of colour and if you mix these with either Marcasite or pearl, you will have a set fit for a queen! Write for us Jewellery guest post is a fantastic method to share your knowledge and experience with others. 

Why not find a company that can design your bridal jewellery for you! Give them your ideas, the colour theme you would like to incorporate and your budget and let them create something unique for you and your special day. That way, you stay in complete control of your bridal jewellery and you will have something you can keep and wear again and again with all the lovely memories of your special day attached. Your very own heirloom ever after!

Heirlooms Ever After offers a Free design service and look forward to helping you out with your bridal jewellery! From a simple, elegant pair of handmade earrings to the full jewellery suite for the whole bridal party, they can work with your ideas, your style, your wedding day theme and most importantly your budget! They will create something totally unique to you and your day!