Extreme Sports For Families

There are many different activities to do as a family, getting to spend some quality time together outdoors. Families are now wanting to push themselves out of their comfort zones, and to try new things. Here are some extreme sports that you might want to consider for you and your family, and how they might benefit you. 

Rock Climbing 

This is the kind of sport that you can get involved in indoors or outdoors and one that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. The lake district is known as the birthplace of rock climbing. Over the years as this sport has grown, safety equipment and climbing aid have become more accessible for all ages. There are many indoor and outdoor spots you can rock climb in the UK to enjoy as a family. 

Benefits of rock climbing for families 

  • Helps to improve upper and lower body strength 
  • Improve problem solving skills 
  • Helps to improve your concentration 


This is the top extreme sport for families, this is the kind of sport that’s lots of fun for families to get involved in together. Getting around on the rivers and lakes to explore the water and the countryside, rafting is a great way to encourage teamwork. There are so many different rafting excursions to book in the Uk, so there's no need to go abroad to enjoy this extreme sport. 

Benefits of rafting for families 

  • Helps to improve communication between one another
  • Allows time for no phones, which helps your family bonding 
  • Gives you a feeling of accomplishment, which improves your self-esteem


Skiing is another popular sport, maybe not so extreme but one that still requires a lot of skill, especially if you're younger. Before taking the whole family away abroad on a skiing trip, there are many indoor ski slopes to practise on beforehand. Skiing can be fun to do as a family, speeding down the slopes together. At the same time you have to make sure you have the right kind of equipment is important for you and your family, this may require money but it's worth it. 

Benefits of skiing for families 

  • Improves balance and flexibility 
  • Strengthens lower body muscles and engages corse muscles 
  • Helps to boost the mood of you and your family overall


Motocross is the type of extreme sport to challenge you and the family, it requires a lot of skill but it's an exhilarating sport. Motocross is ranked as one of the most physically demanding sports, therefore if you're a family with lots of energy this could be a good one for you. There are so many motocross experience days to get involved in. 

Benefits of motocross for families 

  • Fun day out to support one another round the tracks 
  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health, by improving your endurance
  • Engages our muscles in your arms and legs 


These are some suggested extreme sports you and your family could get involved in, but the list goes on. Always make sure you are well equipped when taking part in any extreme sports, Sports Financial Services could help you with life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection if you regularly participate in high risk sports. It is important that you have the right kind of cover in place to protect you and your loved ones financially in the event of a sporting related accident or injury.