20 Best API Testing Tools In 2022

Excerpt: The reports say the software development market is growing at a CAGR compound annual growth rate of 4% percent. Which has called a high competition in the software development industry. 

Table of contents: 

  • Introduction 
  • What is the API Testing tool?
  • Advantages of API Testing tool
  • List of 20 Best API Testing Tools
  • How to choose the best API testing tools for your project?
  • Conclusion 


While the majority of the organizations and developers are focusing more on the testing stage, API testing tools have become a compulsory element these days. To meet the required functionality, performance, and efficiency perfectly, every software is now passed through API testing tools. If you are looking for what can the best API testing tools, you are at the right place. Before that, we must know what these tools are.Explore for API Testing Tutorial for more information.

What is the API Testing tool?

API, also known as Application Programming Interface, is a set of software functions and processes by which other software programs can be used or accessed. For API Testing, you make use of software to make requests to the API for output and then record the response. Since all the components of an application are loosely coupled, to ensure its quality, API testing is essential. The main characteristics that are common to API testing tools include:

  • A variety of features that quickly verify Your REST APIs.
  • Support different types of validation as well as Advanced validation terms.
  • Allows users to write tests for those who aren't programmers.
  • It is a user-friendly interface.

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Advantages of API Testing tool

The most important advantages that come with API testing are:

  • Businesses can improve their process to increase efficiency.
  • It lets you personalize the user experience.
  • Companies can tailor the service without difficulty.
  • The content can be embedded into any site or application.

List of 20 Best API Testing Tools

1. ReadyAPI

The first testing tool is ReadyAPI by SmartBear; in this platform, users can test without using code. It is a dynamic platform that gives development and testing teams a powerful solution to create, run, and analyze complex tests on REST, SOAP, & GraphQL APIs, JMS, JDBC, and other web services. API functional testing, API performance testing, API security testing, and API & Web virtualization are some functions available in this platform.


  • The test can be executed in multiple environments.
  • It also supports API testing integration with the CI / CD pipeline
  • API Tests can be automated easily as it supports the command- line.
  • Supported with GIT/JENKINS/Docker/Azure etc.
  • Ensured End-To-End Quality for all of Your APIs and Web Services
  • It has features and functionalities by which the functional tests can be reused and generates realistic load scenarios.
  • During testing and development, it allows you to remove dependencies.

2. TestGrid

TestGrid collection for testing is No-code/Low-code test case authoring and management, due to which test requires fewer manual efforts and is automation testing. For testers and developers, TestGrid provides an accurate automation tool and framework for API testing, UI testing, and other essential authorization testing. The time required for troubleshooting and resolution is reduced due to automated tests, which leads to faster feedback. This tool is 70% faster than the API automation process.


  • The test cases can be automated simply by using keywords. AI can be used to auto-heal and access the Code.
  • It auto-generates the SAST report on every build execution. 
  • Faster automation due to Scriptless testing
  • End-to-end test automation solutions.
  • It can write test cases that validate against API calls as it supports MITM.

3. Postman

The next is the Postman API testing tool; it can be used as a chrome plugin or can be used in windows or mac. The API development environment of postman allows you to build, design, monitor APIs, run API requests, test and debug, and create automated tests; you can share the collections as it provides the collaboration features.


  • Provide API development
  • Almost all the latest web API data can be extracted. 
  • The tools on postman are easy to use.
  • Can store commands
  • Supports all HTTP methods; it is also possible to define complex API requests using the Postman interface.
  • It supports a range of formats, including Swagger, and RAML also offers built-in tools, workspaces, and collections.

4. Subject7

Another API testing interface is Subject7 which is a codeless platform and cloud-based platform for end-to-end automation that can effectively use for desktop, web applications, mobile, database, security testing, web services (REST and SOAP), load testing, and accessibility testing. With basic QA knowledge, anyone can build a good automation system, even non-technical; due to the AI interface of the platform, it reduces the maintenance cost for the QA engineer and testing team. It is highly scalable as it is one of the fastest automation tools.


  • Upholds collaboration, tracking, and project management
  • All test data is kept and maintained for all your automated and manual test cases.
  • It uses both open APIs and native for smooth integration with existing Agile tooling and DevOps ecosystems.
  • Test creation and execution in this platform are immediate
  • Can be integrated with Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, and DevOps pipeline tools

5. Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft SOAtest automates the test by delivering advanced test creation capabilities. Test case generated can be reused and easily maintained. It simplifies the complicated testing services over databases, APIs, UI's, etc., due to scriptless testing, i.e., without the need to write code. It has the ability to detect faults early, which makes it easier to use by automated industries.


  • It supports numerous platforms like Java, C, C++, or.NET
  • Fast response from CI/CD pipeline.
  • All test automation needs can be met by a single user-friendly interface.
  • API tests for load and performance testing can be reused to ensure applications can meet high demand.
  • Gives detailed report of testing
  • Efficient conversion of your test objects into security tests.

6. Eggplant

Eggplant testing solution is used to design and carry out API tests. It can run on windows, mac, or Linux and can test any platform, browser, or technology. It gives complete testing for your APIs. It also detects irregular behavior in the APIs way before the user approach. It is the most convenient constant testing tool for manual testing.


  • The tool has a distinctive technique for automation testing by using an image identification solution.
  • Instead of display of test scripts, it connects with Applications Under Test (AUTs) by recreating users' viewpoints through images and screenshots.
  • It gives 24/7 access to the development team for using continuous testing.
  • It automatically generates the elements for automation.
  • It combines API testing with UI validation.
  • It can connect with the record and playback tool to help developers shorten the time for detecting and responding to defects.


SOAP UI testing tools make it easy to design, control, and perform end-to-end tests on SOAP, REST, & GraphQL APIs, JMS, JDBC, and other web services for both open source and commercial. It has a simple UI with point and clicks property. Customized codes can also be created. The platform has many API management interfaces. It is fast and simple, so both technical and non-technical users can use and take advantage.


  • Easily functional visual user interface.
  • Testing is data-driven.
  • HTTP like COPY, UNLOCK, PURGE, etc., is supported.
  • The drag and drop feature helps fast the creation of the test.
  • It is built fully on the java platform.
  • It protects the website from hackers by giving options for unprotected testing
  • It helps to accelerate developers' and tester's ability to deliver APIs

8. Rest-assured

Rest-assured test and validate REST web services in Java; it is a java library, JSON & XML based web services can be tested. POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, and OPTIONS are also supported. HEAD requests can be used to verify the response of these requests. It can also be connected with frameworks.


  • The inbuilt functions help users to develop testing conveniently.
  • Several methods to validate a secured API.
  • It supports the testing, which is data-driven.
  • All HTTP methods are supports

9. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a complete continuous testing solution that is used for test automation in CI/CD and DevOps. It also supports all platforms, which includes web, API, mobile, desktop, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It offers a set of insightful reports and has an instant response and feedback system. You can easily extend the automation potential, which can help to connect with other CI/CD software. It has a full support framework. It is built on top of Selenium and Appium.


  • Completely contained product quality and team performance.
  • As soon as any issues appear instant feature loop helps to detect them.
  • The license is free as well as commercial.
  • Has both basic and advanced test creation.
  • It supports continuous testing of ideal Jira Agile integration and native CI/CD integration and has the most popular CI tools.
  • Can create and reuse automated scripts.
  • You can customize the test according to the application's needs.

10. Tricentis

It approaches end-to-end automation through scriptless, no code testing that speeds up continuous testing. It is easily manageable simply execute the automated API that can be adopted by anyone. From REST to SOAP, it supports multiple API technologies. It helps to simplify the transition from UI testing to API testing, which allow any testing team to create speed API tests.


  • The user has the option to use the signature security option.
  • Contains file connection in the API engine.
  • Supports Agile and DevOps Cycle.
  • Has model-based automation testing.
  • Easier to maintain and fast to execute.
  • Understandable to beginners and help them to make advanced API tests.
  • Users can gather results without having any setup when doing manual testing

11. JMeter

This Application Programming Interface (API) gives admittance to the application without any interaction with the actual system. It is a popular open-source platform for Java-based performance testing tools. The server response data is collected, and the statistical data is displayed visually to the user. Performance and application behavior can also be noted by the user. It tests more productively, helping a user to save time.


  • Jmeter-java-DSL can be used for which performance tests can be written in Java which helps you to take advantage of IDEs autocompletion and inline documentation.
  • Groovy is the default programming language
  • Performance tests are recorded, built, and debug using IDE.
  • As only Java-based users can use it for cross-platform testing
  • Seamless API testing
  • Contains lots of plugins.

12. Hippie-Swagger

The tool hippie-swagger is used to test APIS. Being one of the greatest API testing tools, it includes a straightforward assertion vocabulary for expanding test behavior. Reports may also be printed clearly with this.


  • When swagger documentation is incomplete or inaccurate, the test will fail.
  • Accurate and readable assertion messages
  • Parameters that have been validated, requests, responses, pats, etc.

13. Karate DSL

A new API testing framework called Karate is built on the Cucumber library. Karate DSL is a domain-specific language that enables testers to create useful tests for web services.


  • It provides simultaneous execution in many threads and configuration switching and staging.
  • Allows testing and report generation similar to a typical Java project makes it possible for non-programmers to create tests
  • The karate API testing tool enables the reuse of user-defined functions and payload data between tests.

14. Airborne

One of the most effective API automation tools for testing Rest APIs is Airborne. It is specifically designed in conjunction with RSpec.


  • Since Airborne is a framework for writing and testing REST APIs, its only user interface is a text file where code is entered.
  • You only need to be familiar with a few key toolset methods, as well as some fundamentals of ruby and RSpec, to use airborne.

15. HttpMaster

It is a web development tool used to perform the testing of web applications which includes testing of websites, services, and APIs. It is one of the top web API testing tools that is mostly used to test web API requests automatically. 


  • a number of HTTP techniques (GET, POST, DELETE, etc.)
  • Using dynamic parameters of different data kinds, you may send many API queries at once.
  • sophisticated validation expressions and a variety of validation kinds

16. Rest Console

This is a REST API testing tool with HTTP client, Request visualizer, and function Object() { [native code] }. It is one of the greatest API testing tools as it aids programmers in creating, testing, and fixing RESTful APIs.


  • build the POST or PUT body using the raw input
  • simple generation of query parameters
  • Using the user-friendly UI, add custom headers.
  • Navigation and shortcuts on the keyboard

17. Ping API

Ping-API is an API testing tool that enables you to test your APIs by writing test scripts in JavaScript and CoffeeScript. One of the greatest API testing tools, it enables full request and response data inspection for HTTP API calls. The user receives the notification of any failures through email, Slack, or Hipchat.


  • Schedule tests using the Ping-API every minute or every hour.
  • Support for setting URL, body, and request header parameters using scripts. It allows for the creation of scripts to check the content and headers of responses.
  • It is one of the greatest API tools for CRUD flow validation and Ping API login.

18. vREST

An online solution for automated testing, mocking, recording, and definition of REST/HTTP APIs/RESTful APIs is offered by the vREST API testing tool.


  • It offers a thorough tool that you can use to swiftly evaluate your REST APIs.
  • With little work, our rest API test tool produces web apps with zero defects.
  • No specialized resources are needed to validate your web application, and it can provide documentation for your API standards.
  • The Mock Server Functionality in vREST may be used to construct API mocks. Utilizing fake HTTP queries, users may begin designing front ends right away.

19. Pyresttest

A REST API testing tool built on Python is called PyRestTest. It can run tests in YAML or JSON configuration files. Which eventually does not require any code.


  • It has few dependencies, making the server setup for smoke testing and health checks simple.
  • When this REST API test tool fails, exit codes are returned.
  • Pyresttest makes it possible to create, extract, and validate mechanisms for test scenario building.


It offers a flexible framework that is useful for running and developing the functionality of headless systems without a user interface. One of the greatest API testing tools available, it aids in testing headless technologies such as databases and web services, JMS, etc. You can convert SoapUI test results to UFT (QTP) and API tests by using the API Test Conversion Tool


  • It allows for recording and replay.
  • It helps testers refer to the screen object properties while recording scripts on an active screen.
  • It is very good at object identification and has a great mechanism.
  • It supports different add-ins like Oracle, SAP, NET, People Soft, Java, Web Forms, etc.
  • You can enhance existing tests without AUT by using an active screen

How to choose the best API testing tools for your project?

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best one. To make it easier for you, here are, some helpful tips given below to help select the most suitable API testing tool

  • Integration capability Integrate The tool must be able to integrate with an integration pipeline that is continuous.
  • Sharing options, the software you are choosing should offer speedy sharing options, as well as options for synchronization options for teams.
  • Create API directly. Any tool you're selecting must be able to create API documents directly through the tool.
  • Ability to increase time to execute - When selecting a testing method that allows API testing, ensure that it has the ability to run Asynchronous tests to aid in speeding up the execution.
  • User interface It must have an intuitive user interface. In addition, the application must be able to categorize API requests into collections. API requests and arrange the API requests into groups.

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So, these were the best API testing tools mostly liked in the year 2022; we hope you have met the best match by now. These tools are compatible work with diverse requirements and are best for REST, HTTP APIs, and SOAP testing. Since 57 percent of the IT companies will focus more on software development which allows us to predict what could be the demand for these testing tools and the developers well versed with these tools. API Testing tools will be preferred by all, and it is possible coming up with great opportunism and updates and, of course, robust software.

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