What is the eligibility criteria for NCA exam in Canada

Law is among the most prominent and celebrated careers field in the world. Many student opt for this profession because it is so popular and offers enormous stability and growth. Law is among the prime pillars of society as well since we are required to abide by law. 

If you are looking to pursue law in Canada then you have to sit for the National Committee on Accreditation or NCA exam.  The NCA is a recognized committee that assesses the credential of legal education that you have obtained outside of Canada. Simply put, if you have a law degree that you obtained in another country and you wish to practice law in Canada then you have to clear the NCA exam that will assess you the basis of your law education, legal work experience and also your law license. 

NCA is an important part of the legal education and profession in Canada and you are required to fulfil certain important criteria’s to be able to able to sit for the NCA exam. 

NCA assessment 

If you are wondering whether you qualify for the NCA assessment then here are some key factors that you have to keep in mind. If you meet any of the following criteria then you can apply for the NCA assessment:

  • If you are a citizen of Canada but you have obtained your law education from another country. 
  • If you are a Canadian citizen that has a civil law degree. 
  • If you have recently migrated to Canada and you have a legal degree from another oversees educational institute. 
  • If you are someone who is planning to immigrate to Canada and practice law here. 

The structure of law is different in every country and the same applies to using law as a practice. Every country has their own legal laws as well and that makes it important that anyone in the field of law must have legal knowledge of the country that they are practicing in. 

With an approved certificate of qualification such as the NCA, it becomes easier to prove that you have required knowledge of Canadian law. Anyone who has obtained their law degree from another country can prove that they have good enough understanding of Canadian law that is gained from a common law program in Canada. Once you have completed the assessment, you are given a certificate by NCA. 

NCA assessment process 

The NCA assessment process is not very lengthy and happens in quick 5 steps. You start by submitting the application form and ensure that it has the right documentation and payment. Next, your entire legal experience along with your education is measured as per the National requirements of Canada. 

After the assessment, you are informed of steps you must take to qualify for law society bar admission. For this, you might be asked to either sit for the NCA exam or apply at any Canadian law school for admission. 

The standing committee then gives you the necessary certificate after you have completed your assignment. This means that you now meet the required standards to practice law in Canada. 

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