What To Know When Traveling With Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you should make it memorable through photographs. The right wedding photographers can help you capture memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Here’s what you should know if you’re having a destination wedding and plan to bring your wedding photographer:

Book Your Photographer in Advance 

Finding a photographer at the last minute for a destination wedding can be challenging. Destination weddings need one to get their travel documents in order, get a health check, and do anything else your wedding destination requires travelers to do before gaining entry. 

Most reputable wedding photographers are booked weeks or months in advance. Your wedding photographer should be one of the first people you contact when you set a date for your wedding. Give them details about your wedding date and intended destination so they can slot you into their schedules early. Booking early can minimize last-minute stressors, allowing you to enjoy your special day. 

Draw Up a Contract 

A contract is a key element in a destination wedding as it’s a binding agreement between you and your chosen photographer. With a contract, it’ll be difficult for either party to cancel at the last minute, as doing so may result in a fine.

The contract should contain everything from your wedding date to the number of hours you want your photographer to work and the type of pictures you need. Discussing your photography needs may improve your chances of getting what you want. 

Discuss Travel Expenses

Weddings that involve traveling may be more expensive than local ones, as you must pay for airfare and hotel rooms. Wedding photographers don’t usually account for these expenses in their wedding photography packages since it can be challenging to approximate every destination’s costs. You need to research all travel-related expenses and discuss them with your photographer.

Some photographers may be willing to cover some fees, whereas others may need you to pay for everything from airfare to meals. You should be on the same page with your photographer regarding who covers which expenses for a smooth wedding. 

Discuss Health Preparation With Your Photographer 

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for any health warnings related to the location you’re traveling to before your set wedding date. Some destinations require travelers to be vaccinated against conditions like yellow fever, hepatitis, and COVID-19 before granting entry. If yours does, discuss the health requirements with your photographer so they can prepare themselves and get any necessary vaccinations.

Create a Communication Plan 

A communication plan is integral in weddings since you should always be in agreement with your photographer. Agree on the best times to discuss wedding photography ideas. Maintain constant communication throughout the wedding preparation process so both parties can know if travel-related issues arise before the travel date. With an open communication channel, your photographer can let you know if they face problems getting their travel documents. This may allow you to create an alternative plan before your wedding date. 

Discuss Photography Permits 

Some locations require wedding photographers to register for permits before taking pictures. This is especially common if you expect to take photographs in public spaces. Confirm if your chosen photographer can take pictures in your ideal location before traveling. If not, you may have to find another location. 

You also need to confirm if your chosen venue allows photographs and if you need to pay extra fees. Planning ahead may help you avoid last-minute inconveniences. 

Traveling With Wedding Photographers Is Worth It

Planning all photography-related details, like your ideal shots and style, is more manageable in person. This may make traveling with your local photographer better than finding a photographer at your wedding destination. Your local photographer can help you avoid language barriers since they know and understand your language. You can easily explain your needs to them, improving your chances of getting the kind of pictures you want. 

Plan for Your Big Day

A wedding photographer is a key player in your wedding, as they help you capture lifetime memories. Traveling with local wedding photographers can be ideal since they’re easier to communicate your vision to. If you’re traveling with your photographer, book them early, draft a contract detailing each party’s duties, and discuss photography permits, health preparation, and travel expenses in advance. Communicating with your photographer may help lower the risk of last-minute cancellations or delays. Book your dream destination wedding photographer today.

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