YouTube Marketing in 2023 The Latest Trends and Best Practices

Without a question, YouTube is the definitive site for internet video sharing. The platform has established itself as an unparalleled social media website where contemporary video culture is often featured. 

As a result, marketers are increasingly turning to YouTube to boost brand relevance and drive their video marketing strategy. Positive results, on the other hand, have been tough to come by, especially for marketers that need to be aware of crucial YouTube trends. 

More than 55% of marketers have used YouTube in their marketing approach. Furthermore, the platform is so large that one-quarter of the internet spends at least 10 hours a day watching videos on YouTube, making it the most popular platform. 

Here we highlight all of the most recent YouTube trends to be aware of. It will be helpful for business owners, marketers, brand influencers, and advertising.

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#1 Streaming Live: 

On the YouTube platform, live streaming has recently acquired popularity. Regular live streaming, for example, increased by 45% in the first half of 2020, and 58% of live-streaming viewers reported feeling more connected to the rest of the world while viewing live video during the pandemic. 

This trend is expected to continue until 2023, with thousands of live streams airing at any given time on a variety of topics other than gaming. 

#2 360° Video: 

360-degree videos are one of the most popular YouTube video trends for 2023, according to our report. With the use of 360° films or immerse videos, the audience can utilize a VR headset or drag the screens to see the landscape as if they were taking a full round. 

When 360-degree videos first appeared, many people believed that they would become a YouTube video fad. It didn't gain traction until the outbreak made all action impossible in 2020. As the popularity of VR has expanded over the last two years, so has the flood of new 360 content. 

Keep in mind that not all video editing software supports 360-degree editing. As a result, many YouTubers create these videos using software, which can easily trim 360-degree videos. When you import a 360 video from your device into the software, a 360 editor displays, allowing you to add captions, stabilize the footage, and so on. 

#3 Participation in the Community: 

Every YouTuber who has been active for more than a few months understands the value of a strong community. As one of the YouTube trends in 2022, it is critical to promote community participation.

Popular YouTubers have recently started integrating "subscribers decide" videos in their daily production. These filmmakers base their decisions on subscriber survey results. According to the popular "subscribers decide" video. 

● What I wear is selected by my subscribers, 
● My subscribers decide which game I play. 
● Subscribers have the opportunity to vote on what they eat for the next 24 hours. 

#4 YouTube Shorts: 

Addiction is so easy to develop. Who isn't addicted to watching videos and wasting time? 

In March 2021, YouTube launched short videos in the United States, and they have since become a popular trend among the wider YouTube user population. 

Short films of up to 60 seconds in length are submitted by creators on a separate "Shorts" tab instead of on their main channel page. 

#5 Brand Storytelling: 

Brand storytelling is another YouTube trend from 2022 to 2023. People enjoy hearing stories. They are more likely than simple facts or declarative assertions to stick with us and motivate us to act. 

Storytelling allows brands to connect with their customers via shared values and experiences. It also adds to the genuineness. 

#6 The Gamers Have Taken Over: 

Gaming has grown in popularity as consoles and PC systems have become cheaper. As a result, game streaming, commentary, and walkthroughs have grown in popularity on YouTube. There were approximately 910,000 unique channels on YouTube Gaming Live around the world as of the third quarter of 2020. 

YouTube, however, is not the most popular platform. In 2019, Twitch users streamed for more than 9 billion hours. Only 2.68 billion hours of video were uploaded to YouTube. It comes in second place.

YouTube Gaming, on the other hand, is growing in popularity. It grew by +16% before the pandemic, while twitch grew by +20%. As YouTube grows in popularity, expect more game channels to appear in the coming years. There are also various sponsorship and content partnership opportunities. 

#7 How-to Videos: 

When you enter "how to" into the YouTube search box, a selection of recommended videos will appear. These videos range from more general information like "how to write a post" to more specialized information like "how to change your name on Roblox." 

Watching videos is one of the finest ways to learn a new skill because YouTube offers so much content and potentially thousands of videos on any given topic. 

#8 Celebrity Channels: 

Celebrities have long relied on media outlets and record labels to get their work out there. However, advances in technology in the social media ecosystem have changed the rules of the game. 

Celebrities today want to be more accessible to their fans than ever before. This means they must deviate from the norm for admirers to perceive them in their true form. As a result, some celebrities have abandoned their record labels in favor of self-publishing. They've used social media to establish a sense of urgency in their brand and to communicate with their fans on a more personal level. 

For a long time, many celebrities preferred Instagram and Twitter as social media sites. Celebrities can quickly create content that keeps followers intrigued and wanting more using technologies like Instagram Stories. 

The YouTube channel movement, on the other hand, has recently transformed how celebrities engage with their fans. Celebrities can now use a YouTube account to create unscripted video content that is seen as more authentic. 

Unlike professionally produced footage, behind-the-scenes content has added a new layer to celebrity video content, making it more relatable. 

#9 YouTube's Growth Continues:

YouTube, the epidemic, and the continuous lockdown are all proving to be a popular, albeit unexpected, combination. People went to YouTube in mid-March 2020, when broad quarantines and lockdowns were implemented, for a variety of reasons, including rekindling and reacquainting with old video haunts, discovering new ones to watch, and exploring uncharted territory. 

Consider the large increase in interest in viewing a video on how to produce the perfect sourdough starter. Even though many of these viewers were probably not expecting to see slow-fermented bread. Many people's YouTube adventures began here. That was just the secret formula for YouTube's exponential growth. 

Since its inception in February 2005, YouTube has grown to become the gigantic platform that it is today. What started with an 18-second film titled "Me at the Zoo" has evolved into the second most popular website behind Google. Artists post 400 hours of footage per minute to YouTube, which is growing in popularity. 

In terms of users, YouTube receives an amazing 30 million visitors every day. Furthermore, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in viewers (YouTube, 2021), making it the third most-viewed website behind Google and Facebook. Furthermore, every day, video consumers watch approximately 1 billion hours of video on YouTube. 

#10 YouTube Search engine: 

Youtube marketing is growing more popular as more marketers seek to leverage its advantages. According to studies, 45% of marketers spend more money on YouTube marketing than on any other channel. Because of the flood of marketers on YouTube, success necessitates more than just creating video recording skills and recommended video editing tools. 

You must be well-versed in YouTube search engine optimization to increase conversion and ROI from video marketing. YouTube makes hundreds of changes every year, and 2019 is no exception. YouTube, for example, changed its algorithm in July 2019 to make family content more accessible. This change was made to reassure parents that YouTube videos are suitable for youngsters. 

This is only one of many changes Google has made to the YouTube algorithm. In general, not all changes will improve your YouTube video marketing strategy. As a result, for your YouTube videos to stand out, you will need to optimize your SEO strategy.

You should be aware that you will not have direct access to some of the most important YouTube data. However, various 'best practices' may be used to match content with the evolving YouTube environment. 

Plus, You can improve CTR by changing the video title, thumbnail, and description, for example. Furthermore, deliver clear, appealing, and valuable video material to boost audience retention. 

YouTube trends in 2023 will fluctuate similarly to trends on other social media platforms. Yes, YouTube is a valuable resource for any digital marketer. The trick is to keep track of which trends are on the rise, which are causing ripples, and which are fading. 

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