Do These 5 Things and Get Banned from an Online Casino

In any country, state, or place, laws are meant to be followed. In establishments like casinos, there are rules to safeguard peace and order. What if you broke the regulations? Will it restrict your rights? Infringe your right to be free?

Talking about rights, of course, everyone has one. However, this privilege can be taken away given certain circumstances. Without rules that limit our actions to a certain degree, chaos will ensue.

Take for example, driving. Drivers obey traffic rules to avoid accidents, traffic jams, etc. Driving will be a nightmare if there are no restrictions on speed, laning, and such.

That is the same case inside casinos. The gambling industry imposes stern rules inside its premises. We are talking a lot of money here. With the rise of online casinos like, the safety and security of the platform became a pressing issue.

Thus, following what is listed here and understanding the guidelines of the site you are gambling on would help you avoid getting banned.

Impersonating another Person

Accredited sites like OKBET require all of their players to undergo identity verification. Online casinos will request their members to submit documents, such as government identification cards. This is to confirm that they are the ones making the account. Additionally, it also serves as a protection not only for the casino but also for the players.

It may seem like a drag, but it is necessary for safety. Online casinos and casinos frequently fall prey to money-laundering schemes that affect their business operation. Processes like the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification ensure that all of the submitted documents are legit—or, simply put—the person does exist.

Submitting fake IDs or anything that features where you live can easily be identified through the casino’s database. If you try to present a document with false information, you will probably get banned or, worse, get reported to authorities for possible identity theft.

Not in the Legal Age to Gamble

This is one of the primary concerns when it comes to online gambling. Because teens have unlimited and unrestricted access to the internet, stumbling upon a gambling site is possible, especially if they have close relatives that gamble. Introducing young adolescents to the world of gambling can affect their future. They may suffer mental health problems, affecting everything around them.

In the Philippines, Filipinos are legally allowed to gamble upon reaching the age of 21. This is a mandate under Republic Act No. 9287.

If you are hard-headed and want to try casinos despite being a minor, you will easily be caught by the casino staff. They may also ban you because it will put them into trouble if they allow you to register and play.

Multiple Accounts on a Single IP Address

Online casinos have the capability to track IP addresses. It does not infringe on your privacy, but this is only done to monitor if multiple accounts have the same addresses.

A player can only create a single account, which will automatically be registered on his IP address. Multiple accounts on the same network are assumed to collaborate or work as a group to win in the casino. Sometimes, it is equivalent to having multiple accounts, which could lead to your account being banned and your casino assets being frozen.

So if you have friends who gamble and want to spend an online session in your house, do not let them. Otherwise, you will be banned, and you will say goodbye to your funds.

Abusing the Bonuses

Back in the day, when online casinos had yet to become popular, they offered lucrative bonuses to entice players. However, dishonest casino players consider this as a gateway for an opportunity for a larger payout. 

For example, OKBET has a P200 bonus requiring a 25x play-through. The player just deposits, again and again, plays a game with a 99% RTP, and receives the bonus “endlessly.”

But since technology and software have improved, abusing the bonuses can no longer be possible. Why? Because online casinos can swiftly detect any abusers of their promotions.

If someone is brave enough to try, they will end up having their account permanently suspended, if not banned.

Rudeness to Customer Support Agents

Gambling addiction can cause changes in the behavior of the player. Regulated casinos must monitor their members, particularly their playing time, and how much and frequently they deposit. If they suspect that someone is suffering from addiction, they are required to advise the player to minimize their playing time and consult a rehabilitation center.

However, in most cases, realizing that one suffers from addiction is sometimes late. Hence, as a defense mechanism for how they ended up as addicts or problematic gamblers, they blame the casino, especially the customer service representatives who were unfortunate to answer their queries.

However, speaking ill to them can result in a ban. Players frequently harass live dealers and, in turn, get themselves banned.


Avoid doing things to enjoy a hassle-free, stress-free gambling experience. Obey the rules and regulations imposed. Otherwise, you will have to look for another online casino with the best environment, promotions, and deals.