Keyword cannibalization is a problem that even the most zealous SEO aficionados can fall victim to. Your ranks and general performance may be significantly impacted by this annoying issue.

Cannibalization of keywords is what?

When numerous pages on your website wind up competing with each other for the same target keywords, this is known as keyword cannibalization and it causes problems for your SEO. Search engines find it difficult to determine which page is the most pertinent for a particular query as a result of this internal rivalry.

The rankings of your website may suffer as a result of this uncertainty, leaving you perplexed as to why.Want to know more then contact SEO Consultant wellington by clicking on the link or else send us your questions at

Why should you look for keyword cloning?

I can't emphasise enough how crucial it is to monitor for term cannibalization on your own or your clients' websites as an SEO consultant and auditor.

These are some of the main explanations:

Better search engine rankings: By eliminating cannibalization, each page may rank higher for the terms it was designed to target.

A distinct content emphasis: By addressing cannibalization, it will be simpler for search engines to comprehend and index the material because each page would have a unique function.

Improved site authority: By eliminating internal rivalry, you may increase your website's overall authority on a certain subject, which can improve your search visibility.

Effective use of resources: By addressing cannibalization, you can focus your time and energy on producing original, high-quality content rather than dividing your efforts among several sites that are similar.

Streamlined internal linking: When there are no ambiguities in the text, it is simpler to develop an internal linking plan that will improve the SEO performance of your website.

Follow recommended practises and keep a close check on your content, and you'll soon be cruising towards SEO success.

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