Categories of Jewellery


The biggest celebrations of love, style, and abundance are weddings. Making a wedding unforgettable requires careful consideration of every aspect, starting with the theme. Unquestionably, the stunning bride is the main focus of every wedding. As she walks down the aisle wearing the most exquisite clothing and jewellery, all eyes are on her and her timeless beauty. Here is a list of important jewels that will make you appear beautiful and ethereal on your special day if you are a bride-to-be getting ready to wed the love of your life. Share your views at the Write for us Jewellery category. 


They are- 

Bridal Jewellery 

It means exactly what it sounds like it does. Jewellery for the bride and her family, including her mother, sister, and bridesmaids. The important thing to remember about bridal jewellery designs is that you as a designer must employ large, hefty jewellery items. For instance, a necklace that is so large that it encircles the entire neck. This is due to the fact that the bride is the centre of attention in every culture because it is her special day. Therefore, large and bulky jewellery is appropriate so that she can show off her wedding gown and appear stunning on her special day. There are numerous jewellery design styles, particularly in South India, including anklets, waist belts, nose pins, addigai, mangai mala, oddiyanam, and kasu mala.  

Temple Jewellery Designing 

The Bharatanatyam dancers wear this fashionable jewellery, also referred to as temple jewels. This necklace design features idols of our gods and goddesses and depicts our civilizations. These jewellery pieces not only feature images of gods and cultures, but also classic birds like peacocks, fish, and other creatures. Emeralds, white sapphire, rubies, pearls, and other types of stones are frequently used in this sort of jewellery, which is typically fashioned of silver before being gold-plated. Jewellery components such as necklaces, earrings, bangles, nose pins, and others can be made. There are also more jewellery styles made specifically for dancers, such as armba. 

Bead Jewellery 

There are many different sizes and shapes of beads. These objects feature a hole in the centre that allows a thread or wire to be threaded through them to create jewellery. It is essentially just a decorative element that is frequently used in jewellery manufacture. Many various materials, including as paper, wood, glass, copper, brass, silver, and gold, can be used to create beads. Minerals and biological materials can contain beads like pearls and coral. Depending on your preference, you can wear just one piece or combine several to make a necklace and earrings. 

Antique Jewellery 

A piece of jewellery that is hundreds of years old and is typically passed down through families from one generation to the next is termed antique jewellery, or vintage jewellery as it is also known. However, vintage jewellery is defined as a piece that is at least fifty years old and has a timeless jewellery design. Due to this distinction, vintage jewellery can be worn whenever you choose to make a fashion statement, as opposed to antique jewellery, which should only be worn on special occasions. Recently, individuals have developed a love for antique jewellery, and many collectors are actively seeking out these pieces.