Travelling in Northampton


Northampton is the largest settlement in the unitary authority of West Northamptonshire. It is situated in the east midlands region along River Nene, in the north west of London. Northampton is one of the oldest towns in the United Kingdom. There are ruins found in this place which belong to the Bronze age. There are also ruins from the Roman empire and Anglo- Saxon times. This town enjoys a maritime climate and is divided into suburbs, council wards, constituencies, ecclesiastical parishes and others. Northampton is famous worldwide for its leather. There are many famous shoe making companies such as the Baker Shoes which originated from this town. Share your views at the Write For Us Travel Guest Post category. 

Places to visit 

They are- 

Billing Aquadrome

Billing Aquadrome is a recreation area in the eastern part of Northampton that offers a variety of performances and activities. One of the nicest things to do in Northampton, especially with family and friends, is to visit the Billing Aquadrome, a popular tourist destination. The Northampton Balloon Festival, which is put on by The Racecourse and the Borough Council, is the best one that takes place at the Billing Aquadrome.  In addition, a miniature railway with a model of the well-known Royal Scot Locomotive can be found at the Billing Aquadrome. In 1949, this railway was inaugurated.

National Waterway Museum 

The National Waterway Museum Stoke Bruerne was the original name of the Canal Museum. Canal and River Trust is responsible for upkeep and management of this museum. In essence, this museum is a converted corn mill. One of the best things to do in Northampton is to visit this location, especially to learn about the history of Britain's interior waterways and the key figures that shaped its transformation. This museum has a lot to offer, including 3D models, functional vessels like barges and narrow boats, many kinds of tools, canal side signage, and much more. One of the best methods to teach your children about the various inland waterways and everything associated with them is at this location. Better learning is provided through working models. You can take informative tours of this location.

Abington Park Museum 

The Abington Park Museum is, as its name implies, surrounded by greenery, lakes, aviaries, and other features. The Abington village ruins served as the inspiration for this museum. This location draws a lot of visitors since it displays the way of life and culture of the residents of Abington. So one of the most thrilling things to do in Northampton is to visit this location. The Abington Gallows, which have significant historical significance and were the site of the five hangings, are the best exhibit at the Abington Park Museum among the many other things to visit there.  The Museum of Abington Park Museum was formerly an insane asylum that was turned into a museum in 1892.

Riverside Hub 

Every age group may have fun at the Riverside hub. This location includes games for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. This location offers everything, including interactive climbing walls and space golf. As a result, going here is among the top things to do in Northampton. The electric Go kart race is the Riverside Hub's finest feature. This kart game is one of the most well-liked items here and is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is advised to have plenty of time available when visiting this location because there is a lot to discover there.