SEO & Consultancy Related To It In Manchester


SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing and has been used for the purpose of making your site or page better in terms of search. So, basically the person engaging in this profile is responsible for making your page or website better and more visible when it gets searched using various keywords and strategies.

There are four types of SEO on which this person usually works on and these are as follows:-

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO

Consultant of SEO in Manchester:-

Every city has a different working nature and profile although the area of work is the same but the strategies and technology used for performing that particular work is different. Today in this blog I would like to give my highlights on the consultancy of SEO in Manchester city.

Services of SEO are in need for all the businesses who work online for the purpose of better visibility on search engine websites, promotions and all.

Few of the SEO consultants you can find in Manchester are as follows:-

Chhabra Solutions: we provide services related to SEO consultancy in India and all other parts of the world. We are a renowned face in SEO Consultant Manchester. We assure that we give best services to our customers with fuller satisfaction.

Mr. Nikki Halliwell is a technical SEO consultant based in Manchester. He is having his work experience in working in Manchester, The north west and beyond. He has experience in working with every type of business enterprise either small or large and has even worked for small companies which run from their own households. You can learn more about him through his website He is a good option for all your website needs.

Chris Lever is a Manchester based SEO consultant and he owns a degree in multimedia and web development. He has been working as an SEO consultant since 2011 which currently made him an experienced SEO consultant with an experience of almost 12 years in this profile. In his work with regards to SEO he tries to make sure that he gives fuller satisfaction to his clients on websites with respect to all its structuring and functionality. You can read more about him and his services on his website

Stacy MC Naughat is an freelance SEO consultant who has her base in Manchester and she believes in fulfilling all the queries related to all the sales and business of her clients which she gets through their websites. She believes in giving her clients good outcomes and good sales as a SEO consultant. For more about her you can visit her website .

Rob Weatherhead is a SEO consultant based in Manchester. He has been working in this profile of SEO consultant since 2004 and has a great relevant experience in this profile. He is quite a senior figure in this profile with one of the largest teams in the UK. For more information with respect to him please visit his website