4 Guest Post Types that Definitely Increase Website Traffic

There are various blog categories. The experiences, advice, and interviews of writers are shared. Analyzing what the website typically shares should be your first step. Find out which blogs are the most popular so you can offer them content that will appeal to their audience.

However, not all blogs offer the same kinds of backlinks. These blogs are what I refer to as backlink magnets:

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1. Data Report

What establishes you as an expert is a data report. Readers adore data, especially businesspeople who are willing to pay for your effort. By posing pertinent questions in Google surveys, you can gather information.

Utilizing competition research software, such as SEMrush's competition Analysis Tool, is another option to obtain data. These resources offer insightful data on a company's marketing strategy, which you can use to your advantage.

2. Case Study

A case study is an excellent piece of content to have. It improves your standing in the industry. Your brand's trust is increased by the data and statistics supplied in a case study.

To support a claim, you might connect a case study to an associated blog.

Once you've created a real case study, for example, one about a client that had 10,000 website visitors as a result of backlinks. That is simply linked to a blog post titled "5 ways to increase website traffic through backlinks."

3. A piece of thought leadership in your field

A thought leadership piece written by the CEO or founder demonstrates knowledge. Consider the following: Readers assume your expertise when you include these as links in your guest blogs. They are enticed to learn what the head of a marketing company believes to be finest. Thought leadership blogs help you with link building and demonstrate the reliability of your material.

However, bear the following things in mind when creating a link between an article and a guest blog:

  • It should complement the guest blog and avoid coming off as forced.
  • It supports the argument you make in the guest blog.
  • Keep in mind that the CEO is not required to write the blog himself. A writer can edit the blog and add quotes and advice from the CEO because it's a component of a marketing strategy.

4. A tutorial or advice blog post

A good, ol' 'How-To' blog is always in style. Whatever their interests, your target market is certain to have questions. Profit from this chance by offering content-based solutions.

Global website owners are constantly looking for useful blogs for their audience. They are too priceless to pass up.

Create a comprehensive blog post that covers all the bases. If you work in marketing, you might select subjects like: