6 Features of Gypcrete Flooring Underlayment

Gypcrete is a gypsum-based cement mixed with sand and water to produce concrete. It is a versatile and innovative product with numerous benefits and exceptional properties. Gypsum concrete is popular among builders and homeowners for flooring underlayment. Here are some of the features of gypcrete flooring underlayment:

Strong and Durable 

Gypcrete is developed by mixing gypsum, sand, and water, resulting in a lightweight and sturdy product. The materials increase the floor's hardness and compression strength. It is strong, durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Gypsum concrete is resistant to water, mold, and fire, so it's durable.

The floor can resist damage from abrasion and is ideal for any floor. It remains strong in spaces where other flooring might fail, maintaining its integrity and appearance over time. Gypsum concrete is resilient against cracking, shrinking, and warping.


You can install gypsum concrete over various surfaces, including wood subfloors, concrete slabs, lightweight concrete, carpet, tile, and vinyl. It can be poured to any desired thickness, making it suitable for uneven surfaces and ideal for different flooring projects.

Gypcrete has a smooth surface that increases versatility in even and seamless installation. It is flexible and can conform to different floor shapes and contours, so it's ideal for rooms with unique layouts or intricate architectural features. 


The dense composition of gypcrete dampens and absorbs sound waves, reducing noise transmission between rooms and floors. It satisfies the acoustical rating and can minimize noises from footsteps, conversation, or the hum of appliances, creating a quieter and more peaceful living or working environment. 

It is attractive for apartments, offices, hotels, multi-story buildings, and other structures because of its noise reduction. Gypsum cement has been tested and proven to meet or exceed sound transmission standards, meeting its acoustic performance. 

Thermal Properties

Gypsum concrete has a high thermal mass and can absorb, store, and slowly release heat, so it may reduce cold drafts and improve heat distribution.

It absorbs the radiating heat and then gradually releases it into the room, creating a consistent and comfortable warmth. It enhances the floor's comfort level and energy efficiency.

Moisture Resistant

Gypsum concrete floor has a unique composition that absorbs and releases moisture without compromising strength or stability. It maintains its structural integrity even in damp conditions avoiding warps and swells when exposed to water. Choose gypsum concrete for areas prone to dampness or spills, including bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. 

Moisture resistance properties reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth, creating a healthy indoor environment. It has a porous structure that absorbs and releases moisture without compromising its structural stability.

Level and Smooth  

Gypcrete is a self-leveling compound that automatically flows into place to fill low spots and create an even surface. It is an excellent solution for correcting uneven or out-of-level subfloors. Gypcrete floor offers a flat and smooth base for various flooring materials. It has bonding qualities that cover any crack and creates a smooth floor.

It hardens the floor eliminating squeaks and nail pops. This produces a solid and safe floor. Gypsum concrete smoothness leads to a superior finish and eases the installation process. Its level surface can enhance the longevity and performance of your chosen floor covering, preventing cracking or buckling that can occur over time with an uneven subfloor. 

Choose Gypcrete Flooring Today

Gypcrete is easy to install and can fit any space, including homes, offices, historical buildings, new construction, and commercial floors. It is versatile, practical, and effective for various construction and renovation projects. It is adaptable to different floor coverings offering a strong and friendly floor space. Choose gypsum concrete to solve your diverse floor needs.