Education Programmes & Laws


Our government understands the value of education pretty well and that is the reason that they are working towards making the entire India literate and making various programmes, laws and strategies which help everyone have an equal right of getting good education.

Education is a priority for every person to know what is going on and to understand the things. Also education helps people to afford a good lifestyle for themselves by getting a good job.

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Laws for Education:-

Fundamental right of education: It is considered as one of the fundamental rights that every person has a right to get education in our country. Understanding the importance of education Our Government made an amendment in their constitution in 2002 & by the virtue of Eighty six amendment it has been added in the constitution as a fundamental right of every citizen of our country. Therefore, there is great importance of education in our lives. It has been described under article 21A of Indian constitution.

Right of children to free and compulsory education 2009: In August 2009 Government of India came across with the new act in the country which is known as right of children to free and compulsory education 2009 or right to education act. It works on issues like getting equal education to everyone, free education for the people who belong to the category of below poverty line, Education to slum people, Quota for poor people in private school as per scholarship, Admission on the basis of merit and so on. This act highlights a major default in the education system and by bringing this act, the government focused on the fact that every person is liable for good education and if anybody is capable of it then that person should not be deprived of getting good education because of money or other issues.

National Education Policy: This policy was affirmed in the year 2020 with the objective of giving high and quality learning experience and exposure in schools and universities. The affirmed policy also has an option passed by the Cabinet ministers for the computerized studies in order to guarantee the fair utilization of resources through online studies.


Apart from the above mentioned policies, the government has various scholarship programmes for the people who are intelligent and capable and do not afford the high value education because of the issues like money crunches.

Our Government has also fixed the quota or reservation for the backward section of the society and also for the women for the purpose of women empowerment and for equal right of every caste to get good education. 

The Indian Government is giving their best in terms of making our country a 100 percent literate country for a good and bright future. As we know “Padhega India tabhi to Badhega India”.