Fashion And Bollywood

Fashion is an important aspect of life for various boys, Girls, men & women. Some people follow fashion immensely and look forward to what various bollywood celebrities wear in movies, shoots, promotions, Events and so on.

But do we know that these Bollywood celebrities' dresses in movies, events and shoots are part of promotions and are generally sponsored by the fashion designers.

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Bollywood celebrities Airport look:-

Bollywood celebrities make sure that when the paparazzi spot them at the airport they look perfect and stunning which can make an appealing impact on their fans. Few of the bollywood celebrities who never fails to make us stunned with their great fashion look on airport and these are as follows:-

Deepika Padukone: This famous bollywood actress always makes sure that she should be a sure catch in terms of fashion by the paparazzi and should always be appreciated for her stunning fashion sense. She is often spotted wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket or t-shirt or some joggers or a dress. Currently she has been a talk in the country when she carried herself in a levis purple denim jacket along with a levis purple denim jeans.

Alia bhatt: The cute girl Alia bhatt always slays in fashion and always makes sure that she looks pretty and cute. She often opts for joggers and long jackets along with sneakers for her airport look and always gives the preference to comfort on the note for the airport outfit.

Sara Ali Khan: This patuadi Princess is a huge fan of Indian ethnic wear and often spotted carrying salwar kameez or suit for her basic airport look. Her cute face makes her look stunning in Indian ethnic wear.

Kareena kapoor: The kapoor girl and pataudi daughter- in -law never failed in slaying herself in terms of fashion and make sure she gives a stunning appearance to all the paparazzi catching her at the airport by choosing the fashionable garments.

Bollywood and fashion:-

In India fashion comes in trend through bollywood. Indian people follow the bollywood celebrities for the fashion updates and buy the clothes and accessories similar to what their favorite bollywood celebrity opted for. Therefore, always follow Bollywood celebrities if you want a general update of fashion in India.