Lifecycle & Working Of DevOps

This has been significantly one of the best techniques and methodology used in the area of software development and information technology sector for working towards enhancing the applications and softwares. There is nothing hidden in it that application and softwares are current time future and lifestyle which is been adopted by the people of today’s time and there is need for faster development of softwares and applications seeing the requirement and therefore devops is an important methodology of current time as this is working towards making the softwares and application better and help in faster development of these.

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The life-cycle and working of DevOps:-

This platform have a very unique lifestyle which have different stages of work that is:-

  • Stage 1: Beginning of Software Development.
  • Stage 2: Delivery of Software.
  • Stage 3: Maintenance of Software.
  • Stage 4: Security of the software.

To better understand it let us understand the various stages:-

Stage 1: Beginning of Software Development:-

In this stage the first and foremost thing which has been done at initial level is planning where the organization of work, starting of working, priority has been given how to do it in and complete it & at the end track for the purpose of completion of work.

In this stage further the work of the development of software is being created where writing, designing and other parts of software development has been done.

Further in this verification is done with respect to all the codings and all that it has been working in a correct manner.

Stage 2: Delivery of the software:-

Now before delivery of the software to the end user one needs to check its packaging where the application has been packaged and managed and also artifacts have been built in accordance with the same.

Further in this the application or softwares have been properly secured by checking the vulnerabilities through the proper dynamic test and dependency scanning and further the product has been delivered to the end user for the use.

Stage 3: Maintenance of the software:-

Now there can be hurdles in the software and that need to be maintained always and in this stage the part of configuration comes in the process where the configure or manage of the application and software is done which is in support with the application.

Further in this the performance and working has been monitored for knowing the fact that the application is working correctly and smoothly.

Stage 4: Security of the Software:-

In this proper governance has been maintained in the application or software to ensure the fact that the application or software is managing all the security policies and compliances across the organization.