What is Environmental Health

An important component of our overall well-being environmental health focuses on the relationships between human health and the environment. 

It entails recognizing the ways in which our surroundings affect our health and taking action to safeguard and preserve both our ecosystems and ourselves. 

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Considering Environmental Health

Human Health Effects

The health of humans is greatly influenced by the environment. Infected water supplies can result in waterborne illnesses, exposure to harmful chemicals can have long-term health effects, and air pollution can cause respiratory problems. Protecting the public's health requires placing a high priority on environmental health.

Maintaining Ecosystems

For the sake of sustaining ecosystems and the species that live in them, a healthy environment must be maintained. Ecological balance depends on biodiversity, which also supports many ecosystem functions including pollination and natural pest control.

Sustainable Growth

For sustainable growth to occur, environmental health must be promoted. Resource availability for future generations is ensured by balancing human requirements with environmental preservation.

Environmental Health-Related Factors


Pollution poses serious risks to the ecosystem and public health, whether it comes from plastic debris in the oceans or air pollution from industrial emissions.

Changing Climate

Extreme weather, rising sea levels, and ecosystem upheaval are just a few effects of the planet's warming as a result of human activity.


In addition to reducing the ability of the earth to absorb carbon, deforestation also results in habitat damage and biodiversity loss.


If rapid industrialisation is not handled properly, it may lead to increased pollution and environmental deterioration.

Environmental health promotion

Individual Efforts

By forming eco-friendly habits like recycling, conserving electricity, and using the bus or train instead of driving, everyone can help the environment.

Governmental Directives and Rules

To hold industries responsible and encourage sustainable behavior, tough environmental legislation and regulations are required.

Organizational Responsibility

By implementing eco-friendly practices and assisting with conservation efforts, businesses can significantly contribute to environmental health.

Cooperation on a global scale

Finding effective solutions to environmental problems requires worldwide cooperation and collaboration.

Environmental health and public health are related

Public health and environmental health are related. We can avoid numerous diseases and enhance general public health by addressing environmental challenges.

Biological diversity and environmental health

Ecosystem resilience depends on biodiversity, which can also offer opportunities for improvements in agriculture and medicine.

Health of the Environment and Water Quality

Water quality is a critical component of environmental health since it is essential for human health to have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Technology's Place in Environmental Health

Technology advancements can support sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and environmental monitoring.

Health and the Environment and Urbanization

The management of environmental health becomes increasingly important as urban areas grow in order to ensure the welfare of city residents and the surrounding ecosystems.