Advent of Android 12

Select OEMs have already gotten on board with the excitement since Google published the stable version of Android 12 for Pixel phones. You might be curious to know what to anticipate from Android 12 if you don't own a Pixel phone and can't install the Android 12 beta on your phone. We've chosen the top new Android 12 features for your Android phone in this article. What are you waiting for? Share your views at the Write For Us Android category. 

New Features 

They are- 

Game Dashboard 

A new Android 12 feature called Game Dashboard, which is only available on Pixel devices right now, aims to improve your gaming experience by introducing some helpful tools and data. For example, it will let you record your gameplay, stream it on YouTube, or display a live FPS counter so you can see how your phone is doing. You can select one of the three gameplay profiles, Performance, Standard, or Battery Saver, based on your requirements. Nevertheless, this particular feature will only work with games that have been updated to use Android 12's new APIs. 

Wallpaper based Theming 

The dynamic theming engine of Monet is one of Android 12's finest features and what distinguishes Material You from other apps. The engine will accent the user interface and system accents with the colours from the chosen wallpaper. The experience is improved even further by the fact that the colours are utilised in apps that have been updated to support the theming engine. Thanks to the dynamic theming engine in Android 12, you won't get bored with the UI. Just switch out the wallpaper to give everything a fresh coat of paint. 

One handed mode

Google has included a native one-handed mode in Android 12 after taking inspiration from third-party Android skins. As the future's name suggests, it's simple to use your phone with one hand, which is great for phones with massive displays and enormous size like the Pixel 6 Pro. Go to Settings > System > Gestures on your device. Toggle on One-Handed mode by tapping on it. Now, all you have to do to activate one-handed mode is swipe down from the bottom edge of the screen. Please be aware that this functionality only functions when your smartphone is set up for gesture navigation.  

Privacy Dashboard 

Google is stepping up its privacy protection efforts with the Privacy dashboard. You'll see a list of the applications that have accessed your location information, camera, microphone, and other similar rights throughout the previous 24 hours. You get an in-depth, minute-by-minute explanation whenever an app utilises a particular permission. Use the Privacy dashboard to check whether the installed apps on your device are actually monitoring your chats or following your movements in any way. The privacy dashboard is accessed by selecting Settings > Privacy > Privacy dashboard. 

Scrolling Screenshots 

This feature was only recently added to Google's version of Android. The days of just taking a screenshot are long gone because users now frequently need to capture extensive lists. Now that scrolling screenshots are an option, you won't need to take many screenshots to get a large list. Take a screenshot instead, then from the toolbar tip that shows at the bottom, choose Capture more. Remember that this choice will only be available in lists or other circumstances where taking a lengthy screenshot is actually feasible. One advantage of Google's technique is that you can select the snapshot's start and end points, enabling you to only take a screenshot of the area you want. 

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