Playing Casino Online Learn These Online Casino Tips and Tricks First

If you are new to playing online Casino this blog is your ticket to becoming an expert player. In this blog, I am going to share a lot of tips and tricks that can help you maximize your wins. 

Having played numerous games on Playsta (the best website for Casino in India) and winning a lot of them, I have compiled a list of the secret tips and tricks that my mentors swear by. You can apply these strategies while playing live Casino with Playsta. 

So, here goes:

1. Follow the Apt Slot Machine Strategies 

Over the years, players have come up with different slot machine winning strategies. However, you don't have to follow all the strategies at once. In fact, most of the slot machine strategies might not be beneficial for the game that you are playing. Therefore, you need to find the right strategy for the slot machine game that you are playing. 

Here or some strategies that apply to most of the games

Here or some strategies that apply to most of the games:

Practice in the Demo Mode

If you are just starting out, it is always the smartest move to practice in the demo mode before you start playing. The point of practicing is to basically understand the game first and also to understand what kind of strategies work and don't work in a particular slot machine. 

If you think that practicing is just a waste of time, it is always better to imagine that you are playing an actual game. This way, even though you don't win a huge amount of money, at least you don't lose any amount of money.

Progressive Jackpot Strategy

Progressive jackpots are very popular among players and for very good reasons. The winning prize in these jackpots might reach as high as $1 million. However, jackpot junction requires a strategy to score a win.

The primary requirement to win a progressive Jackpot is to remain patient because you will have to sit through long sessions. It is often recommended to bet the smallest eligible amount for a progressive Jackpot and keep enough in your bankroll so you can keep betting for a longer period of time.

One of the important jackpot strategies is to keep betting until your Jackpot amount grows up to a remarkable level.

Levels Betting Strategy 

This is one of the Casino strategies that has helped me maximize my profits multiple times, without having to incur huge losses. This strategy basically aims at winning back our losses. What you have to do is to start with only 1% of your total bankroll on a single bet. Bet the amount if you lose for five consecutive bets and if you lose the fifth time, increase the level and betting price.

Here's an example: 

Mr. A has Rs. 1,000 in the bankroll. He starts betting at Rs. 10 per bet.

He loses 5 times in a row. So, he bets Rs. 50 on every bet this time. 

If he loses again 5 times in a row, he can increase the amount to Rs. 100 this time.

Fixed Percentage Strategy

In the strategy, you have to choose a percentage of your bankroll for each bet. Some players prefer to use 5% of their bankroll for every bet. However, it is always a safe option to start with 3% of the bankroll. 

Miss P has Rs. 1,000 in the bankroll. She sets 3% as the betting price.

For example:

Miss P has Rs. 1,000 in the bankroll. She sets 3% as the betting price.

If she wins the first bet, her balance becomes 1,100. Now, she will bet Rs. 33. 

If she loses the first bet, her balance becomes 970. So, she will bet Rs. 29.1.

Just remember that you have to bet only 3% of your total bankroll.

Quick Tip: Keep a calculator handy so you can calculate quickly.

2. Use the Right Strategy for Table Games

Playing table games is more fun and entertaining than slot games. However, to be able to win big, you need smart gambling strategies. Now, the problem is that there are numerous strategies for table games and a strategy for a particular game might not work well for another game. 

The solution is simple. Identify the games you like and then find out the most suitable strategies for those games online. 

3. Responsible Gambling is Your Strongest Move 

Most people often ignore this paramount tip for any Casino game but this one tip can save you from incurring huge losses. Responsible gambling means taking breaks at regular intervals and staying disciplined about the money you bet. 

For example, you can set a limit on the maximum amount you will bet throughout the game. Moreover, don't rely on gambling as your only source of income. Also, make sure to be disciplined enough to not bet any amount, no matter how pumped you are, that you can't afford to lose.

4. Always Remember to Maintain Casino Etiquette

Do you maintain proper etiquette when you play Casino with Playsta?

Establishing yourself as an expert casino player requires not only good gameplay but also a player that shows proper etiquette. The basic etiquette for online Casino etiquette includes being polite and civil towards the dealers as well as to other players in the game, following the rules of the game, etc.

Follow the Rules for Casino Security and Safety

5. Follow the Rules for Casino Security and Safety

There are certain rules for players in every online Casino. You need to follow these rules not only for the security and safety of the casino but also for your safety. If you fail to follow these rules, there is a high chance that you will be banned from the Casino.

6. Learn About Legal and Regulatory Aspects

When it comes to reading about terms and conditions or legal and regulatory aspects, we often ignore them and move on. However, it is always a smart move to read about legal and regulatory aspects so you can always remain informed about these aspects and understand how they work. All my mentors have stressed how important this is for the players.

Some players might already know some of these gambling strategies. If you are one of those people, you must start following these strategies and see the difference for yourself. I hope that these strategies will help you as much as they have held me throughout my gaming experience.