How to Create a Unique License Plate Design

Vehicles are, first and foremost, intended to be tools used to transport yourself from point A to point B, but as cars become more widespread, more affordable, and more similar in design, people have looked for something to differentiate their vehicles from the others on the road. As a result, vanity plates and custom license plates have become more and more common, with the interest in getting a custom one higher than ever, so keep reading to find out how you can make your license plate design.

Choose The Right Tool

There are many sites out there that allow you to design your own license plate, but not all of these places are equipped with the kind of tools you deserve to have to create the best design you can, and that's why it's integral to start the designing and creating process off right, by choosing a site or a service that has plenty of options and methods of experimentation. Make sure you're working with a provider with many different printing options and unique methods of doing so since your license plate could fade over time if you're not careful. More things to look out for include package deals and memberships since people who get custom plates usually get a lot of them for all of their vehicles.

Figure Out The Style You Want

Now that you've figured out the site or the place you want to design your plate from, the next step is to figure out the style you'll be using. This means you're in charge of the final direction the project takes, and you'll need to use your preferences and ideas to come up with something that speaks to you and shows off your character. Some people prefer having a braggadocious plate that tells everyone about their accomplishments and how successful they are, while others go for something humorous that will turn more heads, so pick the one you feel applies to you.

Choose the Right Text

Now that you’ve ended up on a particular style, you’ll have to figure out what kind of text you're putting on your license plate since that'll form the backbone of the entire design. Choose a font that is legible in case your state has some strict local laws against custom plates, and choose a short word or phrase that applies to your personality. The design can all fall apart if you use a font that's too dark or not contrasted with the background since, at night or in places with low visibility, everyone around you won't be able to read what you've written.

Add Images

Adding images is a great way to make your plate stand out since most plates are dull, with text and, at most, a logo for the state they were issued in on their face. However, only some services will allow you to put images, and some states may have regulations against it, too, so make sure you've done your research. However, if you're able to include images, you'll find that it's a great way of adding even more detail to your plates, opening up an entirely new layer of customizable, which means, if you own a business, you could include your company's logo, a picture of yourself, and so on. 

Coordinate it With Your Vehicle

The last and perhaps most important part of creating a great custom plate is to consider the context it'll be seen in and coordinate it with your vehicle because plates that are designed in a vacuum may end up looking garish and out of place. You should match colors and palettes according to the car and the paint job you chose, and your font should be a contrasting color to what you chose for the background. You should also refrain from having something over the top on your plate if you're driving something classy, like a luxury vehicle since it can ruin the sense of prestige. 


People all over the world want to differentiate themselves from the others on the road, and from the people around them, but that isn't always possible when driving a car, because cars are similar in design, barring the extremely expensive ones. The custom license plate is a great solution to this since, for a low cost, you'll be able to express yourself and your individuality without being stuck to one specific design forever.