Android App Development Interview Questions

Q: What is Android?

Android is an open-source, Linux-based operating system used in cell phones, tablets, televisions, and more.

Q: Who is the founder of Android?

Andy Rubin. 

Q: What is the APK format?

The Android packaging key is compressed with classes, UI's, supportive assets, and manifests and when all files are compressed to a single file it is called APK.

Q: What is AAPT?

AAPT is short for Android Asset Packaging Tool. This tool gives developers the ability to deal with zip-compatible archives, which includes creating, extracting as well as viewing its contents. 

Q: What is a PendingIntent? 

If you want someone to perform any Intent operation at a future point in time on behalf of you, then we will use Pending Intent.

Q: Does android support other languages than java?

Yes, an android app can be developed in C/C++ also using the Android Native Development Kit and it makes the performance faster. It should be used with the Android SDK. 

Q: What’s Activity in Android?

Activity class is one of the very essential parts of the Android component. Any app does not matter how little it is, it has at least one Activity class. Unlike most programming languages, in which the main() method is the entry point for that program or application to start its execution, the android operating system initiates the code in an Activity instance by invoking particular callback methods that correspond to specific stages of its lifecycle. So it can be said that an activity is the entry point for interacting with the client.

Q: What are Android’s Fundamental Building Blocks? 

Some of the core building blocks of Android involved: 

  • – Service 
  • – Fragments
  • – Content Provider
  • – Activity
  • – View
  • – Intent

Q: What is an Application Resource File? 

Application resource file that involves static content that your code can use. This involves layout definitions, bitmaps, animation instructions, user interface strings, and more. 

Q: How Does an Android App Work?

Developing an android application involves many methods that happen sequentially. After writing the source code files, when developers click the Run button on the Android studio, many operations and processes start at the backend.

  • Building the APK File
  • Code Compilation
  • Conversion into Dalvik bytecodes
  • Generating .apk file
  • App Distribution
  • Deploy the Application
  • Establish the ADB Server
  • Transfer .apk file to the Device
  • Run the Application
  • App launch request
  • Convert .dex code to native OAT format

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