Social Media Marketing Write For Us

We receive a lot of guest submissions, but we limit how much we publish and maintain a high standard for the content we do. We're not here to simply farm out content; instead, we want to deliver genuine value to our readers. 

We also recognize that publication may play a role in the development of your brand or marketing plan, and we respect that. So take a look at it.

Content Guidelines Social Media Marketing Write For Us 

  • Tips, practical advice, case studies, or anecdotes on social media, digital marketing, or related topics can all be used as content. If you have an article idea, check our site to see if it has previously been covered. We'll probably pass on your article if we don't think it's closely related enough to another article or if it's too similar to another article.
  • It must be written in English with no spelling or grammatical errors to be taken seriously.
  • Your content must be current, unique, and not previously published on the internet.
  • Any photos you submit, including your header image, must be original or fair use, with attribution to the source. We may replace the image if the information is excellent but the image is not... However, we are more than inclined to dismiss the article as a whole. We're searching for contributions that are well-thought-out and well-assembled.
  • We reserve the right to change the text you provide, but only to correct errors or make it more readable.
  • Include a 40–50 word synopsis of your article in your submission.


  • We know what backlinks are and why they're important. We guard ours, but in exchange for high-quality content, we'll share our "link juice."
  • There are no affiliate links. If you send us an affiliate link, we won't feel terrible about stripping it down to a bare link.
  • We don't accept links to sites related to gambling, dating, CBD, vaping, or adult content.
  • If your piece has too many links but is otherwise excellent, we may send it back to you with a request that you eliminate a few of them. Your content will almost certainly be rejected outright if it is a clear link farm.

Before Submitting a Social Media Marketing Write for Us, Consider the Following:

"Is my article motivating and educational?" All of the articles on this site are informative and instructive. We won't read your content if it isn't inspiring or instructive.

"Did you publish it on Social Barrel? “We’ve previously covered a wide range of subjects including breaking news. Your essay must elaborate on a topic that we haven't covered yet or that our readers haven't noticed.

"Doesn't it have a fantastic title? “We have a lot of readers who are quite full. To get their attention, you'll need a captivating headline.

"Do I provide value?" They also come to our site for assistance with their social media glitches. As a result, you should focus on tips that our readers can simply execute. However, the advice must be actionable, precise, and unambiguous.

"Does it have any unnecessary words in it?" If it does, get rid of them. Examine your work carefully to ensure that it only contains the relevant words.

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