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We at Delta Pro Hike looking for those who are gamers and having a deep knowledge of video games.Today’s people  shows their interest in indoor games only, So we want you to write for us video games.To be a part of our team you want to meet a little list of straightforward requirements, like having an honest writing level in several languages or in English specifically, you've got to be willing to find out about video games, online security and online video gaming terms generally.

Why Should You Write For Us Video Games Category?

  • Seriously though, here are a number of the advantages of writing for us:
  • Your writing are going to be exposed to our audience of tens of thousands of adult gamers;
  • We’ll handle the promotion of your articles (though you’re quite welcome to market them too);
  • We have a huge audience, so you can rank your blog ASAP by publishing your article on our website.
  • We want you to write us for video games because we respect our writer’s time value, as we told you. On daily basis we have many submission requests , but we try to publish it with in 24 hours only 

Contact Me if You Meet These Requirements for Video Games Write For Us Niche:

  • Fact-checking is mandatory.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • All piece of content  must be ORIGINAL & EXCLUSIVE to class blogs
  • The editorial team will have final say on your articles being approved for publication or not so wait for our response for 24 hours.
  • No gossip/scandal articles are going to be published.
  • We believe getting it right instead of getting it out there fast.
  • You must maintain the very best standard of ethics and professional integrity, as we are only nearly as good because the trust our readers wear us, thus please respect our reputation and credibility.
  • All information must be accurate, honest, and fair.
  • Read and flick through our site and obtain a pity the type of content we believe in; be creative, engaging and thoughtful.
  • Writing about video games should be enjoyable. We don’t ask an excessive amount of of our writers. As mentioned, there are not any ridiculous quotas to satisfy – you don’t got to write a piece of writing or review a day , hebdomadally , or maybe monthly . Real-life should come first.
  • We also don’t expect you to write down about anything specific. you'll write on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games – anything you wish . we would like you to write down the articles that you’d wish to be known for, to not fit within a predefined box that isn’t natural to you.
  • What we do expect, however, is well-written, honest articles that you’re pleased with . It also helps to recollect that our audience are primarily adult gamers.

Our Approval Process for Video Games Write For Us:

We want you to follow all the guidelines which are already mentioned above and the most important thing is to only email us when you think you are matching our requirements.

Our email id on which you can email us at and wait for 24 hours , because our  editor will take time to review, actually we already have many submission requests to submit. So we want to add one more thing, it is better if you  research before you submit the request.

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