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You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking for a platform to publish your excellent articles on a well-known fashion website and wish to submit blog for Women's Fashion Write for Us niche.

we're seeking enthusiastic, gifted authors and subject matter experts. You will encourage women to live their healthiest, happiest lives as a contributor to a website that celebrates the diversity of their experiences.

We enable you to communicate your interests and viewpoints to your audience. It's easy; we provide you with all the resources you require to publish your work and engage with our community.

Women's Fashion Write for Us - Topics in Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Jewelry, Fitness, and Skin Care

We now welcome guest articles, however kindly notice that we only accept content relevant to fashion, lifestyle, beauty, home and kitchen, fitness, and yes, all content pertaining to women's interests.

Guest Post Guidelines for Women's Fashion Write for Us

Before submitting your piece, please read the following guest post rules.

1. Topics

Please make sure your post relates to the categories of topics listed above. These are some of the topics we prefer.

You can create the following material for us:

Women's Fashion: Ideas for Outfits, Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Hats, Handbags, Luggage, Sunglasses, Watches, etc.

Makeup tips, hairstyles, skin care, body care, nail art, tattoos, body care, fragrance, tools and accessories, hair removal and shaving, oral care, etc. CBD, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, and any other medical issues are not acceptable.

Wedding - Ideas, Dresses, and Jewelry

Lifestyle: Ideas for Gifts, Travel, and Dating

Yes, just like with kitchen and dining, bedding, bathrooms, furniture, home d├ęcor, heating, air quality, irons and steamers, gardens, recipes, etc., we also welcome content related to the home and kitchen.

Fitness - Product reviews, fitness advice, etc.

Please do not send us anything that is unrelated to these areas since it is unlikely that it would be uploaded as we do not currently accept content on other topics.

2. Length

500+ words - A good article should be more than 1200 words.

3. Write for Real People

Well-researched and instructive - High-quality material with an emphasis on giving our readers value and information. The articles are produced with the target audience of women (ages 18–70) in mind, not search engines, and should be sufficiently interesting. Nothing-saying articles are not accepted.

4. Source

Please cite the sources for any figures, pictures, or quotes that were utilized in the article. If your article includes photographs, either use your own photos or find free photos online; if you use someone else's photos, please include the appropriate resource links.

5. Format

We have a certain post structure here at Her Style Code, and we want you to follow it as well.

The article must flow and be able to be scanned.

Maintain a conversational and informal tone. Inform rather than lecture.

Formatting choices include the usage of appropriately capitalised H2 and H3 title tags (i.e., How to Write a Blog Post).

Keep each paragraph brief, no more than a few phrases.

We adore articles that provide answers to frequently asked issues or provide a numbered list of strategies.

6. Plagiarism

The article's author MUST BE YOU. It is entirely unique and hasn't been published anywhere else. If a duplicate article is discovered online (we utilize Google and Copyscape Premium version), we won't post your content. We value the work of others, and you ought to too.

7. Samples

Give us a list of your prior entries that have appeared on other websites before you send us any articles.

8. Links

The content may contain appropriate links; however, the outbound connections must relate to the topic of our website.

How to Submit Your Article

Sending your articles by email is simple. You can submit your articles as either a Microsoft Word document or a.txt file. Before submitting the whole piece, you may give us your thoughts and pitch if you want to write for us for Women's Fashion category.

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